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Second Amendment

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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms: We believe in the unqualified right of our citizens to keep and bear arms and in the Second Amendment's guarantee to individuals of that right.
    The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 asserted that, "the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the state".

    The Second Amendment has no expiration date - (Video, PDF)

    SCOTUS rules BIG for 2A Bearing Arms, Concealed Carry

    Updated information on Mass Public Shootings from 1998 through October 2023

    Talking points all 2A supporters to hand out to the enemies of the U.S. [PDF]

    False flags: Is gun-grabbing encouraging the nuts to shoot?

    Father of shooter:
    People like that commit mass shootings to amp up the people that want to ban all guns
    Highland Park Suspect's Dad Reveals Disturbing Conversation with Son [PDF]

    Uvalde Police Had Sights on Gunman, Didn't Pull Trigger [PDF]

    "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God"

    Thomas Jefferson

    James Woods Blasts Soros-Funded DA Over Deaths of Two Police Officers:
    'Blood on His Hands'

    Allen West - 'I'm Tired Of This BLM' - A 'Domestic Terrorist Organization'

    Biden wants to take our "AR-14s" away!

    Before they took these, they collected all the guns

    Ted Cruz on the Second Amendment

    Congresswoman Lauren Boebert SOLID on 2A

    Marion County Sheriff: "All the gun laws we got in place didn't prevent it, did it?! Neither will any news ones. ... The bad guy's gonna get a gun no matter what law you have put in place!"
    FL Sheriff Says Homeowners Can Save Taxpayers Money by Shooting Intruders

    More than a Right, a Duty - PDF Gun Logic slideshow

    Ban gun-free zones

    'Gun-Free Zone' Signs Fail to Stop Times Square Shooting [PDF]

    All the guns laws in the world didn't stop this kid from killing
    'Nobody's Going to Help You Here': St. Louis Assault Highlights the Danger of Gun-Free Zones [PDF]

    Protect the children with concealed carry in schools
    The Solution to Mass Shootings

    Potential Mass Shooting in Denver Stopped by Police, not Gun Control or Gun-free Zones [PDF]

    Finally! Gun-free zones emphasized at a Congressional Hearing

    Lewiston Shooting Survivor: "People Knew This Was Going to happen, and Nobody Stopped It" [PDF]

    Yet another! Gun Free Zone is attacked: Lewiston Resident: 'I Wish I Had A Gun"

    Gun training for teacher bill headed to governor [PDF]

    Trump Shares His Solution for Ending School Shootings - And He Says It Would Only Take 5% of Teachers [PDF]

    Chicago: Woman Left Brain Dead After Assault by 8-Time Felon in 'Gun-Free Zone' [PDF]

    Nashville: Another defenseless school, this time target of a tranny [P]

    Columbine survivor wants to see more armed school staff - PDF of article

    Pro-Gun Law That Dems Hated Went Into Effect 16 Days Before Mall Shooting, Saved Countless Lives [PDF]

    Bystander ends mass shooting attack by taking down gunman [PDF]

    Related Video: Licensed, wounded, stops mass killing

    More States Looking To Put Guns In The Hands Of Teachers In The Wake Of School Massacre [PDF]

    Ohio AG Backs Armed Teachers In Legal Fight With Everytown [PDF]

    School District's Fight For Armed Teachers Heads To OH Supreme Court [PDF]

    Detailed analysis of church shooting in Texas

    Shooter stopped by legally armed civilian in church where concealed carry is permitted

    How the media sees this shooting:
    The nation's media outlets announced they were grieving today as an armed citizen stopped a mass shooting.
    "We grieve that this tragedy we could have exploited for weeks on end was stopped by a good guy with a gun," said one teary-eyed MSNBC reporter on the scene. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the shooter."
    "We are absolutely heartbroken and in shock over here," said one New York Times journalist. "What could have given us weeks and weeks of frothing-at-the-mouth stories about gun control will now have to be suppressed since it does not align with our agenda." - Story source

    Concealed Carry Law in Texas Prevented Mass Murder

    The consequences of a Gun-free Zone:
    I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera": Looking Back at Mumbai 15 Years Later [PDF]

    Gun Free Zones Are Killing Fields

    Trump Slams Gun Free Zones During Listening Session on School Shootings [P]

    Oops: The Daily Show Inadvertently Makes the Case Against Gun Free Zones [P]

    Tennessee Passes Law for Legal Recourse Against "Gun Free Zones" [PDF]

    11 Incidents in Which Lawful Gun Owners Made a Difference

    No "Gun-free zones"
    When A Mass Shooter Opens Fire On An Unexpecting Congregation
    A little training and a few concealed carry in any public place can STOP a mass shooting before it starts

    AR-15 Corner

    6 Reasons Why The AR-15 Is Actually Ideal For Self-Defense

    The Truth about AR-15s
    Huge recoil, right?

    As Afghanistan Vet Defends Home with AR-15-Style Rifle.
    Invaders Realize They Chose the Wrong House

    Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 to Drop Armed Robber
    Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter, saved her husband

    Media Fail: CNN Labels the AR-15 as an 'Automatic Rifle'

    Owners defend AR-style guns in wake of highprofile shootings

    Author Stephen Hunter makes valid point about guns [PDF]

    After 30 Years Of Lies, NY Times Admits:
    "Assault Weapons Are A Myth"

    Nine year old competitive shooter taking the world by storm

    AR-15 Rifles For Home Defense? Yes! [PDF]

    Gun owners sue over 'assault weapon' ban [PDF]

    Video: Ex-Con Points Out Major Problem With Gun Control

    Oakland man helps illustrate how ineffective gun control is [PDF]

    As Gun Sales Soar, the Number of Violent Crimes Committed with Guns Plummets [P]

    Come, Celebrate the Red, White and Blue

    The Truth about "Assault Weapons"

    Video: What to do until the police arrive

    Video: Students for 2A Tell Anti-Gunners to 'Come and Take It'

    Video: Dan Crenshaw, Ted Cruz watch, then mock, liberals over stupid gun lies

    June 6, 2021: Federal Judge Rules Calif.'s Ban on Assault Rifles Is Unconstitutional [P]

    Tucker Carlson Video: The reality of blacks being killed by police

    Video: CA Gun Owners Score Second Amendment Victory In Ruling By 9th Circuit Court

    Seattle Residents Voted For Gun Control. It's Not Working

    They Caved: Project Veritas' James O'Keefe Emerges Victorious in Second Amendment Fight With FBI [P]

    Hey North Carolina, how's that Gun Control working for ya?
    Criminals Laugh at your 'laws' [PDF]

    Hey California, how's that gun control working out for you now?
    CA has toughest U.S. gun laws. After Sac. shooting, what else can lawmakers do?

    Hey England, how's that Gun Control working for ya?
    Woman shot in gang cross-fire. Gang Sentenced: Massive Gun-Running Operation

    Hey Massachusetts, how's that Gun Control working for ya?
    Yeah, That Massachusetts Gun Control Is Working Great [PDF]

    Hey Chicago, how's that Gun Control working for ya?
    Chicago closes out deadliest year in quarter-century [PDF]

    Street justice, Haitian style: Messy, but it does work!
    Gang violence abated by vigilante style protection

    Kentucky Carjacker Shot After Trying to Remove Victim's Eyeball [PDF]

    MS Police Say Homeowners Won't Face Charges in Fatal Shooting of Intruders [PDF]

    Guns Found In MA Armed Robbery Another Gun Control Failure - PDF of article

    Feb. 20, 1788, Tench Coxe, Founding Father Who Told Americans We Have a Right to Military Weapons: Read here [PDF]

    The American Right And Duty To Bear Arms

    The Best Way to Enslave the People is to Disarm Them First

    Judge Andrew Napolitano - In Defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms [P]

    It's about time! Lawmaker Wants To Make Gun-Free Zones Liable If Someone Hurt

    With video trailer: How "The Trayvon Hoax" caused riots and death

    George Zimmerman sues Buttigieg and Warren for defamation [PDF]

    Bernie Tells Black Student to Respect Police So He Doesn't Get 'Shot in Back of the Head' [P]

    Dana Loesch 10 Reasons Why Red Flag Laws Are Dangerous [PDF]

    The Top 10 Gun Laws Americans Really Need

    I'm A Professor, And I Carry A Gun On Campus. Here's Why

    Liberals definitely won't like this:
    Panel investigating Parkland massacre makes a stunning recommendation [PDF]
    Well, Duh-uh!

    Borderline Bar & Grill Survivor: 'I Should Have Been Able To Be Armed'

    Four years after allowing universal 'concealed carry' law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime

    One of Georgia's Safest Cities Requires Its Citizens to Own a Gun, But CNN Doesn't Know Why Crime is so Low

    Message form the NRA

    Red Flag the Red Flag laws:
    Florida Man Lost His 2A Rights, Thanks To Red Flag Laws And Mistaken Identity [P]

    2nd Amendment keeping tyranny at bay

    Federal Judge Rules California's Ban on Assault Rifles Is Unconstitutional [P]

    And finally: "The "Disarmament" Slogan" - Vladimir Lenin
    Sounds like the liberal gun-grabbing?

    Second Amendment News

    Project Veritas:
    ANTIFA exposed

    Allen West: The Tragic Story of Kate Steinle Continues

    Lt. Colonel Allen West on why we need a Second Amendment

    Lib Media MSNBC "discovers" why the Second Amendment is needed
    "If the military has they guns, they have the power!"

    Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

    US Sen. Candidate Nick Freitas Dismantles the Left in Defense of the 2nd Amendment

    The Truth About the Second Amendment

    We don't apologize for telling the truth

    Jamaica sees the need for a Right to Bear Arms

    Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.: 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

    Ted Cruz: The Constitution trumps public opinion

    Conservative Black Leaders on Democrats and the Second Amendment

    Banning "Assault weapons?" What do the heads full of mush say?

    Proof that Gun Control doesn't work [PDF]

    But...I Was Told Gun Control Worked, So How Is This Possible?

    Chicago Shot Clock - or, "tougher guns laws solve NOTHING!

    Related Stories:

    'Soviet-Style' Punishment Imposed on College Student After He Posted Photo with Gun

    Houston Woman With Concealed Handgun Shoots Man During Attempted Robbery

    'We Are Ready' - Second Amendment Sanctuary City Mayor Speaks Out On How They Plan To Fight California's Gun Laws [P]

    Guns Are Not the Ultimate Cause of Mass Killings

    With Anti-Gunners, It's Always About Never About The Facts

    6 Gun Lies (And One Truth) Obama Told In Brazil

    New Zealand: Only 530 (of 300,000) semi-automatic guns handed over, police say

    Why the Second Amendment Should Be Considered a National Treasure

    Three Questions About The Second Amendment

    Unlikely Editorial Board Admits Buybacks Don't Work

    Fisking An Anti-Gun Op-Ed From Kansas City Star

    Supremes asked to open door to interstate handgun sales

    Arguing With an Ignorant Gun-Grabber? Here Are Five Basic Facts to Help

    NRA suing state for infringing 2nd Amendment

    The 1 media message you never heard from Borderline shooting

    Mother of Three Shoots Suspect Trying To Enter Her Home

    Redflag laws - Maryland Shooting Illustrates What Will Happen If Guns Are Confiscated

    Feinstein Challenges Kavanaugh on Stance on Second Amendment w/ 'Hundreds of School Shootings' - That Never Occurred

    Banning weapons only makes the problem worse:
    Knife Violence in Knife-Banned London Is So Bad, Kids Are Wearing 'Knife-Proof Vests

    Toughest guns laws in the country, yet:
    Report: At Least 40 Shot in Chicago on Sunday [P]

    Another gun confiscation "law":
    Veteran says police tried to confiscate his guns without a warrant, due process

    The Case That Now Makes Gun Control Truly Impossible

    Arguing With an Ignorant Gun-Grabber? Here Are Five Basic Facts to Help

    The Bewildering Ignorance Of Anti-Gunners

    Anti-Gun Veteran Spreads Rhetoric, But Facts Don't Add Up

    5 Facts About Mass Shootings That The Gun Control Fanatics Don't Want You to See [P]

    The Invisible Victims of Gun Control

    How to Defend the Second Amendment

    The Shot Heard Round The World That Prevented Gun Confiscation In America

    Anti-Gun Article Outlines Why AR-15 Isn't For Defense...And Gets It Wrong

    6 Reasons Why The AR-15 Is Actually Ideal For Self-Defense

    Forefathers Face-Off With Modern Politicians - Americans, The Second Amendment Is A God-Given RIGHT, Not A Privilege

    The Coward Of Broward County, Deputy Scot Peterson 2nd Amendment at work in the L.A. Riots - [VIDEO]

    School Shooting: False Flag - What History Teaches Us

    Are Gun Control Restrictions Making Or Breaking The Law?

    Mother, daughter show real courage, perfect defense - [VIDEO]

    Are The School Shootings Being Used As A Tool To Disarm The Population?

    Anti-Gun Celebs Gather For Golden Globes Under Protection Of Men With Guns

    2nd Amendment advocates cheer 'concealed carry' decision

    Sheriff speaks the obvious: Media, society to blame for gun violence. - [VIDEO]

    Regulating Guns, by John Stossel [P]

    I'm a College Student and I Support Campus Carry. Here's Why

    Mo Brooks Slams Media For Killing Republicans In New Ad - [VIDEO]

    Supreme Court Asked to Review Maryland's Gun Ban

    NRA Hits Back at VA Congressman:
    "Self-Defense is a Right Shared by ALL Law-Abiding Americans!"

    What the Founding Fathers knew about Firearms Technology [PDF]

    What Modern Weapons Would The Founders Want Americans To Own?

    Comedian Steven Crowder Looks to Debunk 'Common Sense' Gun Control in Undercover Video - Plus view other 2A videos at end.

    Exploiting Orlando: Netrorks Advance Anti-Gun Agenda By 8 to 1

    Above story Print page [P]

    You've Got to Read This Letter From an Orlando Victim's Father

    Progressive Outlet Accidentally Proves Blue States Have 42 Percent More Mass Shootings

    SCOTUS Trashes Massachusetts Court Ruling On Stun Guns [P]

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