If lesbians make up less than 3% (realistically, more like 1%) of the female population, why were the Girls Inc. suggested reading lists so disproportionately loaded with gay/lesbian stories? This suggests an agenda, that being the promotion of homosexual experimentation and recruitment.
In their documents, they promote the idea of these books as "Useful for building a bookshelf in a center" - Wow!

Ask why Girls Inc. split form the Girls and Boys club, a great organization that promotes fun and learning for all kids. Why is there no Boys Inc.?
Girls Inc. is, by its exclusionary nature, sexist.
These lists and articles have been removed from their website, but only after they were "outed."
It's too bad, though, for those who want their girls to have a place to go just to have a good time. Many a parent has pulled their daughter out of Girls Inc. once they saw there was a possibility that there was something sinister behind the veneer.
With the removal of some of these lists, though, one has to wonder if they are taking an agenda further underground or are genuinely serious about getting out of the lesbian business for the sake of the girls.

Here are their lists, and you know, if there was just 1 book about same-sex relationships, the red flags and alarm bells wouldn't have gone off!
The last 2 links are articles on sexuality and STD's, and while they don't contain any same-sex reference, one comes away with a distict impression that playing around with boys causes huge problems. Remember, these lists are not something made up, they were on their website for years.
This information should be taken at face value, and you can draw your own conclusions.
And while your at it, consider boycotting the Girl Scouts. Why?
Well, because of their ties with Planned Parenthood and promotion of "abortion rights".
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Oh, and by the way, look who's camped out at Girls Inc.:

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