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Horrific: Adults brainwashing children
National Education Association and HRC all-in for the perversions

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Recruitment, Indoctrination, Inculcation and Exploitation
One of the earliest and most perverted of the children's books, "King and King" tells of a queen who wants her son, a prince, to finally get married so he could become king. He hasn't because he is a homosexual man, but eventually marries a brother of a princess the queen introduces to the prince hoping he'd be interested in her, which he isn't.
The 2 most heinous parts of the book are where the queen says "By the time I was your age, I had been married twice already" and the page that shows the prince gazing down and the princess' brother who is on the floor, facing away, with his rear end up in the air, and the prince falls in love, most likely with sodomy on his mind.
The pages show these 2 things are conspicuously omitted from the book preview of King and King, which shows many other pages. ( These pages can be seen in this article by MassResistance)
It promotes divorce, so doesn't advocate for a long term monogamous marriage, and promotes one of the most risky and unhealthy sexual practice of sodomy. See the CDC's own data

The Reality:

How do we fight the inordinate number of homo-tranny books published to flood children's minds?

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