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Current Antenna Channel count: 73
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NEWS! -, which had 100 free cable channels (about 15 requiring Nord VPN) is currently CLOSED!
After several years, they pulled the plug. No one is saying the exact reason, but something like that was bound to happen. Now, another similar service could arise, but probably not for some time


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Hundreds of free channels of Live and On-demand shows and movies

The CW on Demand

Outlaw Television Network, Live or On-Demand

Pluto TV



On LG Smart TVs connected through your WiFi, you can get these channels directly to your TV screen:
XUMO/PLUTO LG TV Channel list [PDF]

  • Real America's Voice

  • Live Worldwide News streams

  • Victory Channel Live | Inspirational

  • HLN Live Stream | Guide

  • EWTN Live Stream

  • Watch Fox News recent clips

  • CBN News live on-line

  • CBN News Video Clips

  • France Live News

  • Japan Live News

  • Sky News Live
    Caution: Liberal Brit news

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