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Hi-Rez - 2+2=5 (Official Music Video)

The video is shot in what is clearly a “re-education” class. In the beginning, Dr. Robert Malone walks in and hands the teacher – the rapper Hi-Rez dressed in drag – a note.

Malone sits down beside famous YouTuber JP Sears who, after fist-pumping Malone, pumps hand sanitizer all over his hands in a frantic manner.

Throughout the video, Malone can be seen wearing a medical mask at different locations on his face, clearly mocking COVID-related mask mandates.

Hi-Rez begins the “lesson” by rapping: “Kick the fathers out the house, send the mothers back to work, let the school system parent your children right from birth … ”

“Science and math are racist; history, let’s erase it,” he continues.

On the whiteboard of the classroom wall are references to a number of leftist and woke slogans and buzzwords.

For example, “Sky daddy” is written in reference to how atheists mock Christians for believing in God.

One of the students asks the teacher, “What is a woman?” and Hi-Rez quickly quips, “I am not a biologist,” in reference to the infamous statement from Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Ian Smith, a former gym owner who garnered international attention in 2020 for keeping his New Jersey gym open in defiance of lockdown restrictions, makes an appearance as the apparent principal.

Smith says, “You better not be in here telling these children that men can’t get pregnant … and did you tell all the white children that they are racists?”

The chorus of the song encapsulates the crux of the song’s message by saying “2+2=5” and that you are either a “racist” or a “homophobe” if you think differently than what the dominant narrative demands.

The song also touches on abortion, so-called family drag shows, the conflicting messaging from the CDC about COVID, Critical Race Theory (CRT), feminism, and basically every leftist talking point imaginable.

The popularity of the song represents a growing trend of anti-woke rap songs coming from independent rappers.

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