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Marriage, Sexuality and the "Gay" Agenda

A Moral Wrong Can Never be a Constitutional right

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Legal Issues

Transgender Issues

Trans Regret Stories, videos

There is only "H"

The Reality of the Deathstyle

This is what they do


(The new) Homophobia

Men in Women's Sports
(or, may the best man win)

Pederasts and pedophiles

Centers for Disease Control

Dear hateful, intolerant, uninclusive
LGBTQ+ toadies

Dear LORD "How long, O Lord?" We see the defilement of God's beautiful rainbow taken captive to the pleasure of rebels. We grieve over the depravity pulling our nation into a sewer. We eagerly yearn for the rainbow to be redeemed in truth.

Must Watch
Why Trans-speak is all lies

The WPATH Files Report [PDF]
Their claims about Trans are lies

Drag Queens

Recruitment, Indoctrination,
Inculcation and Exploitation

Satanic Temple head: "More than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ"

"Our chapters are always involved with Pride parades in the United States," he said.

The Reality: It's All Queer, All Year

Homosexuals believe in the random chance of "evolution." Most state they were "born that way," as if their gender confusion is coded in their DNA. If that's the case, how many gay apes handed down their genes?

The 1972 Gay Rights Platform

Platform created at the National Coalition of Gay Organizations Convention held in Chicago in 1972. Note that every item in this document has been attained except "State Level" items 3, 7 and 8 - Repeal of ALL law on the age of consent, and allowing any number of men, women, or mix be allowed in a marriage.
Click here to read

  1. Amend all federal Civil Rights Acts, other legislation and government controls to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and public services.
  2. Issuance by the President of an executive order prohibiting the military from excluding for reasons of their sexual orientation, persons who of their own volition desire entrance into the Armed Services; and from issuing less-than-fully-honorable discharges for homosexuality; and the upgrading to fully honorable all such discharges previously issued, with retroactive benefits.
  3. Issuance by the President of an executive order prohibiting discrimination in the federal civil service because of sexual orientation, in hiring and promoting; and prohibiting discriminations against homosexuals in security clearances.
  4. Elimination of tax inequities victimizing single persons and same-sex couples.
  5. Elimination of bars to the entry, immigration and naturalization of homosexual aliens.
  6. Federal encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to heterosexuality.
  7. Appropriate executive orders, regulations and legislation banning the compiling, maintenance and dissemination of information on an individual's sexual preferences, behavior, and social and political activities for dossiers and data banks.
  8. Federal funding of aid programs of gay men's and women's organizations designed to alleviate the problems encountered by Gay women and men which are engendered by an oppressive sexist society.
  9. Immediate release of all Gay women and men now incarcerated in detention centers, prisons and mental institutions because of sexual offense charges relating to victimless crimes or sexual orientation; and that adequate compensation be made for the physical and mental duress encountered; and that all existing records relating to the incarceration be immediately expunged.
  1. All federal legislation and programs enumerated in Demands 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9 above should be implemented at the State level where applicable.
  2. Repeal of all state laws prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons; equalization for homosexuals and heterosexuals for the enforcement of all laws.
  3. Repeal all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female.
  4. Enactment of legislation prohibiting insurance companies and any other state-regulated enterprises from discriminating because of sexual orientation, in insurance and in bonding or any other prerequisite to employment or control of one's personal demesne.
  5. Enactment of legislation so that child custody, adoption, visitation rights, foster parenting, and the like shall not be denied because of sexual orientation or marital status.
  6. Repeal of all state laws prohibiting transvestism and cross-dressing.
  7. Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.
  8. Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.
Finished reading

Proof - they really want, sex with children. Today 14 year olds, what's next, 10?
No California Shouldn't Decriminalize Adult Sex With 14-Year-Olds

The whole LGBTQ agenda is driven by the lie that gender orientaion issues were re-classified from mental disorders to natural and normal by the American Psychological Association (APA), who were pressured and swayed by a vocal minority to do so.
Read & Listen to the truth behind those changes and why the APA is completely unreliable: In Quest to Normalize Polyamory American Psychological Association Loses All Credibility

Spotlight Issues

Sick of "pride" garbage. Enough already!


Mission: America: The Twilight of Pride in America

Bishop got it right. -likened transgenderism to a man who identified as a pirate since childhood having his hand amputated and a hook put in its place

Even liberal Bill Maher is coming around, finally [X]

Poll: Most Americans Side With J.K. Rowling: Only Two Genders
While Republicans were the most likely to agree, at a massive 92 percent, majorities of Democrats (61 percent) and independents (73 percent) also agree that there are only two genders.

Pope Benedict, as JOSEPH Cardinal RATZINGER Prefect in 1986
Letter To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church On The Pastoral Care Of Homosexual Persons

With video on Redemption and Salvation:
Federal Court Strikes Down Tampa's Ban on Counseling for Minors Seeking Freedom

Recovery from Sexual Dysfunction is not only possible, it's real!

The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)

LGBTQ Ideologues' Propaganda Brainwashing The Young, and Younger Still

Transgender Delusions Debunked by Dr. Cretella

Read or Listen: Drop Out of Diversity Re-education Struggle Sessions While You Can

The Black Lives Matter assault in the nation's schools is bigger and more intrusive than people realize. Along with that is a new wave of radical LGBT indoctrination

Clearly a sexual abuse loophole exploited by homosexual men

Just as with Dear Abby, the "Born that way" fallacy is constantly exposed by the truth. Even the New York Times can't hide the fact that there are (often identifiable) after birth causes for gender bending. Knowing the following narrative contradicts the agenda, they gloss over the reveal using "didn't discover her homosexuality," (mid-20s? How can this be??) as if it was always there, like a mole on the shoulder that was never noticed. - Sam Jay: A Comic Who Belongs to No Camp

Nearly a third of Poland has declared 'LGBT-free zones.' The EU is denying funds

You Won't Believe What Kind Of Sex Ed LGBT Activists Want In Texas Public Schools

The new left says you're a bigot unless you have sex with EVERY gender

Rev. Sheldon, a giant for families, passes

The Queer Movement Wants To Convert Christians, Not Coexist

Poland gets it right Polish president compares 'LGBT ideology' to Soviet indoctrination [PDF]

If love is love, why can't this poor lady marry her chandelier? [PDF]

Insanity! Read or Listen: The Rise of Homosexual Family Madness

Read or Listen: The "LGB" and "T" Mobs Unleash the Morality-Phobic Monster

Scott Lively: 2020: The final culture-war battle is coming [PDF]

Read or Listen: Holiday Depravity and Arrogance from Theater Community

From Church Militant with 1.5 hour video
Covers all angles of homosexuality in our society

Read or Listen: What All Conservatives Must Learn to Defeat "Trans" Activism

Satan's Pimps

Not "born that way," groomed into the deathstyle
To Affirm LGBT Ideology Is to Support Abuse

The alphabet homosexual cabals don't frighten me

Ellen DeGeneres practically admits she wasn't "born that way."

Marie Osmond Thought 'I was gay' After Being Sexually Abused - Video

5 Reasons People Don't Trust the Media on 'LGBT' Issues

Read or Listen: Mattel's New Gender Neutral Dolls

Can Homosexuality Spread Via Culture? - And, there is no "gay gene"

Video: The insanity of a crazy "non-binary" category

Related to above Video: Weird Al tells it like it is
Born This Way a non-defendable position

Read or Listen: Hate Hoaxes Have a Home Here

Video: Stephen Crowder on Pedophilia, Drag Queens, transgender

Terry Shilling LGBT History Effort Is An Assault On Parental Rights

Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing to Society

Selling the Rainbow: Why Rainbow-Washing Is Actually Bad Marketing

Videos: "Gays" admit they weren't born that way -video
Bonus article - nobody is Born gay and the "Gay Agenda" exposed

Video: June 26, 2019 rally at U.S. Supreme Court to protest 2015 Obergefell ruling on same-sex marriage

World Net Daily:
'Poisoned': School convinces 6-year-old she's not a girl

Illinois Family Institute:
Leftists Have Intolerance and Bigotry All Wrong

It's Not The Equality Act, It's The Pedophile Protection Act

Public Discourse:
What We Don't Know: Does Gender Transition Improve the Lives of People with Gender Dysphoria?

Public Discourse:
Understanding Gender Dysphoria and Its Treatment in Children and Adolescents

Actual Science:
Proof - Not "Born That Way"

Illinois Family Institute:
The Criminalization of Christianity Primarily by the LGA2Z?

Illinois Family Institute:
Should Christians Approve of Homosexuals Adopting?

American Thinker:
Is America Worse Than Sodom And Gomorrah?

Homosexual "parents" and adoptions:
First, it's unthinkable. Then, it's permitted. Then, it's mandatory.

Hope for Recovery. It's not immutable:
Ex-transgenders wish they would have 'just chilled out' with Video

More from Illinois Family Institute
Homo RICO: The Feds Need to Bust Big Gay
With links to articles on sexual abuse in the gay community & gay culture's racism

'Gay' couple married by Ginsburg now arrested for rape

The Left and Absolute Sexual Freedom

Transgender causes, childhood abuse, trauma, identified:
Andrea Chu, Boy Erased: Self-Negation and Self-Harm Define the "Trans" Ideology
"there is no guarantee it will make me happier. In fact, I don't expect it to�. People transition because they think it will make them feel better. The thing is, this is wrong"

Scott Lively: Mr. President, stop your global LGBT campaign

Illinois Family Institute: Buttigieg, Benson, Rubin, and Marriage

Illinois Family Institute: The Corruption of the GOP

Illinois Family Institute: A Christlike Response to Sexual Anarchy

Blasphemy! Colleges Queering The Bible And God

Video: Absolute proof the abortion industry is tightly linked with homosexuals

MassResistance: It's time to STRONGLY oppose the Transgender Movement

Debunking the HBT arguments, from religious to family
Conversation with Homosexual Journalist Equip yourself with rebuttals

Media and the Rise of Homosexuality

Video: Homosexual Mafia - Mike Wallace's 1967 CBS report - pre-"gay" days

G. Edward Griffin, Need To Know HBT Story Archive:

Proof that gender disfunction is a mental illness sympton

HBT expressions of sexual attraction and arousal are not "who you are" or even "what you do." They are simply symptoms of deeper psychological issues such as depression and low self-worth that manifest as gender dysfunction.
To wit, a major homosexual group evens admits this to be true, albeit unwittingly:
Report: LGBT youth in Massachusetts struggle with depression, discrimination

Then, they want any doctor who is willing and able to treat this issue to lose their license and be locked up!

Absolute Proof that gender disfunction is a mental illness

Liberal media article reveals the depth of mental issues inherent in gender confusion. These poor souls found exhilaration when dressing as the opposite sex as a form of therapy. Sadly, they went from one mental problem to another:
7 Transgender and Non-Binary People Share How Drag Helped Their Mental Health
Real therapy, which is outlawed, would help them lead a normal life. Instead, their lives become obsessed in dress-up and they become part of the Inculcation, Indoctrination, Recruitment and Exploitation that is the LGBQAtoZ existence.

Gay porn, murder, horrendous sex acts, animal cruelty

Woman who consummated marriage to zombie doll says people think it's a dead child

Again, Dear Abby proves LGBTQ+ is symptom of mental problem

Beyond comical: New York Times is all in for the homogenda with a story about 'gay' penguins, extolling the lifestyle and their parenting skills as being "great, diligent, careful egg-warming," and tearing down normal parents as "pretty bad, distracted and negligent." - The Gay Penguins of Australia - PDF east to read version
Nothing but fabulous in the news room

Homosexual "married" men pull off GoFundMe hoax. Probably a lot of HBT's donated, but where's the outrage? Even though GoFundMe refunded donations, they were still played by their own ilk. Must be so proud to fly the rainbow.
Better luck next time, try using MoFundMe instead.
Was the cancer fake? Alabama couple attempted medical fundraising hoax, report says

Update on Jason Martinez and Julian Baker

Video: ABC Nightline and hoax hunter expose the crime

'Theybies' Are More Likely to be Bullied

Alaska girl reportedly expelled after she knees boy in groin in girls' bathroom [PDF]

Sodom: This Worcester fashion show aims to change the beauty industry, promote empowerment through diverse representation "Diverse?" More like "perverse"

Trump admin considering narrowing legal definition of 'gender,' and there are only two.
The Meltdown Begins - [PDF]

Sanity! Hungary Considers Bill To Require Only Biological Gender Allowed On All Legal Documents

Marches celebrate liberation from LGBT lifestyle in Christ

Homofascism, Hypocrisy - The mention of a "Striaght Pride" month shows their total intolerance. Read here

Why "Gay Marriage" is a slippery slope:
LGBTQ runs from adding MAP to alphabet soup

7 reasons the transgender revolution will fail

Gay identity, Christianity incompatible

Socially Constructing Polymorphous Perversity
Sicko Californication - Gov. Jerry Brown's Gay Porn Push In Schools

Culture of Death embraced by LGBT

Judge at center of Alfie Evans case is a pro-gay activist

World watches as Alfie Evans' life hangs in the balance

Former lesbian campaigns against AB 2943

Scott Lively - Will Spacey scandal expose 'gay' male obsession with young teens?
Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal Part Two - (Article on Barbwire)

Video: - The truth about Kinsey and Hugh Hefner (Kinsey's Pamphleteer)
Hugh Hefner's Real Legacy: Disease, Despair, and Death [PDF]

Prof sounds alarm over same-sex 'studies' on children

Debunked! - Biological argument for homosexuality examined - Powerful Statistics

Video: - Coming Out as a Homophobe

Video: - Protect Women from perverts and predators

Video: - 7 Lies of the "Gay" movement

Uganda Video: - Obama: Is this what you want to bring to Africa as a human right?
To eat the poo poo?

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) scandal

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Homophobia, Redefined:

"Homophobic" - let's turn it back on them

"They" use the term liberally against anyone opposing their agenda. While it literally means "fear of man," they generally say it means "Hatred of anything LGBTQ."

The NEW definition will be more true to the meaning, "Fear of Homosexuals." This would apply to politicians, teachers, schools, churches, and companies who cave into their every demand so as not to incur their wrath, which is in the form of intimidation, marginalization, denigration, legal action, boycotts and physical attacks, among other things.
How do people give in? This would include "Celebrating Pride" in any number of ways, like classrooms full of rainbow flags, having "diversity training," offering courses promoting homosexuality, pronoun misuse, a new one: voice training for "transgenders," distortion of the Bible, marching in their parades, etc.

What to do? Challenge anyone falling for their lies or demands and say they are homophobic for doing so.
If someone insists that homophobia means "hatred of homosexuals," simply say, "Yes, you are right. Affirming a life style that is hazardous to their health and contrary to God's Laws means you do hate them, you don't care about their health or their salvation."
Point out that those who counsel Repentance and Redemption are actually the ones who love them.
Related stories of homophobic actions:
Trudeau gov't to give $100 million to LGBT groups across Canada

Mayor caves: Springfield's inaugural Pride parade

Rep. Jacob Oliveira joins Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and other city officials in raising city's Pride flag for Pride month

US. Sens. Markey, Warren question State Department refusal to fly rainbow flags at embassies during Pride month

Sen. Ed Markey, Rep. Joe Kennedy introduce bill to ban 'gay panic' defense in court cases

For first time in the city's history, Pride flag flies at Westfield City Hall

There is Only "H"

There is only H [PDF]

All of the following are simply variants of "H" (Homosexual)
Abrosexual, Aceflux, Agender, Ambiamorous, Androgynous, Aroace, Aroflux, Aromantic, Asexual, Bigender, Bisexual, Demifluid, Demigender, Demigirl, Demiromantic, Demisexual, Gay/MLM/Vinician, Genderfluid, Genderflux, Genderqueer, Gender questioning, Graysexual, Intersex, Lesbian, Maverique, Neutrois, Nonbinary, Omnisexual, Pangender, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Polysexual, Transgender, Trigender, Two Spirit, Progress Pride, Queer, Unlabeled

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The Truth about Diversity, Inclusiveness, Tolerance:

Click here to continue reading ...

You can't get more diverse and gender-inclusive than heterosexuality, God's design of 100% gender diversity and equality orientation, i.e. male + female, 1 man + 1woman.
big�ot (big'-uht) n. - One who is strongly partial to one's own group [e.g. sex] and is intolerant of those who differ. - American Heritage Dictionary
  • Homosexuality causes one to be strongly partial to one's own gender and utterly intolerant of those who differ (in the name of 'love').
  • Transgenderism causes one to be strongly partial to one's own internal gender and intolerant of their external gender that differs.
    1. Homosexuality is a 100% anti-diversity orientation and gender-exclusive (i.e. gender bigotry in the name of 'love').
    2. Lesbianism is a 100% anti-diversity orientation and gender-exclusive (i.e. gender bigotry in the name of 'love'). Homosexuals need to learn to celebrate the gender diversity of the complentary sex and stop following their gender bigotry. "I was born that way" is no excuse for bigotry.
    3. Transgenderism is self-stereotyping and 100% anti-diversity orientation (i.e. rejection of internal/external diversity, e.g. feeling internally female and being externally male) They could solve their own problem by celebrating their diversity by dressing according to their biologically assigned gender.
    4. Bisexuality dilutes the 100% gender diversity and inclusiveness intrinsic to Heterosexuality. It reauires at least 3 people in a marriage and requires possibly all bisexuals to be in one marriage if they all hypothetically "fell in love" with each other. Yet there is no law respecting bisexuality! Hypocrites!
    5. Whatever they come up with is never going to make sense.
    Which is better for children?
    A) The diversity and equality of one mom and one dad mentoring diversity and equality?
    B) The gender imbalance and bigotry of homosexuality or any other sexual perversion.
    For example, when two male-biased homosexual men want a male-dominated family with children they must contract a woman as a second-class sperm incubator. The child's mother will then be excluded from the family simply because she is a different gender! This is like slavery and the woman may even want to be a slave to support the male-domination, and it's okay!?!?!?

    See how you can easily demolish their foolish ideas?
    2 Corinthians 10:3-5
      3 For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.
      4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.
      5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God
    Are you demolishing every argument and pretension like our Lord did?
    Finished Reading

  • Thank you, Dear Abby and Ask Amy, for unwittingly revealing the truth that gender issues are symptoms of psychological problems, learned behavior and from abuse
    Use BACK button to return

    After many years of evidence that diametrically opposes the HomoSpeak about "born that way" and "natural and normal," 2 letters suspiciously show up in what appears to be an effort to validate a "born that way" theory and to prove acceptance is possible and ideal.
    For the first time, not just 1, but 2 pro-mo letters to Dear Abby appeared in the showcase Sunday edition, although one letter is a rerun from 2007. As with any news story or biography trying to show a positive side to the behavior, each of these is 2 to 3 times the length of the average Dear Abby story. They both extoll the early onset of homosexuality (to point to the "born that way" idea) and both laud the accepting attitudes of at least 1 family member, as if looking for the magic bullet of the utopian life.

    Sound familiar? The man who attacked Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl:
  • Was molested as a teen (What happened to "born that way?")
  • Claims to be "bi-sexual," (doesn't sound as bad as "homosexual")
  • A single "father" rasing, you guessed it, a boy
  • Triggered by pedophilia remarks (He doth protest too much?)
    We Now Know Why Dave Chappelle Was Attacked During Performance [P]
    All serving to prove that gender mix-ups are not what you do or who you are, they are symptoms of deeper psychological issues. Abuse leads to the lifestyle, much like bullying

    The letters seem contrived, professionally cobbled together, certainly not in the style or mode of the usual Dear Abby writer. They read like story-book short novels.
    Decide for yourself: Read PDF version here - Article as it appeared in paper

    Note: Any HTB question almost always gets first billing in her articles, but these never appear in the premier Sunday edition. (Is she ashamed to run these on sunday?)
    Clearly duped by the 'gay' agenda. She is their 'pamphleteer,' as Hugh Hefner was Kinsey's pamphleteer.
    Click below for many:
    Older Spotlight Issues

    Brit Insanity - BBC launches campaign to destroy 'heteronormative culture' [PDF]

    Woman protests sharing abuse-shelter room with man who says he's female [P]

    Perverse Culture A Starring Role for Hollywood's Sexual Zelig

    The Legalization Of Deviant Behavior

    Tom Daley announces he and his 'husband' are having a baby

    What's the Difference Between Transgender, Transabled, Transracial, Transspecies and Transage?

    Why Leftists Hate Masculinity

    Parents repudiate gender indoctrination in schools [P]

    Sodom in America:
    California City Council Is Now Entirely Gay, Bisexual, Or Transgender

    Hold-It Nation: Why Massachusetts Women Are As Vulnerable As One of Harvey Weinstein's Starlets [PDF]

    When faced with facts - Lesbian storms out of interview with Jesse Lee Peterson [P]

    Transgender barred from women's Aussie rules football draft due to 'unreasonable physical advantage' [PDF]

    IFI's Laurie Higgins Facebook Discussion with a Homosexual - Print PDF for reference

    6th-grade 'sexual identity quiz' infuriates moms

    Transgender 'failures' spark epic PC battle [P]

    Pope Francis: It's 'Terrible' Children Are Taught They Can Choose Gender

    Prof sounds alarm over same-sex 'studies' on children [P]

    NMSU: Not a lesbian? � Not our coach - HBT lifestyle mainstream in NCAA & WNBA

    I'm not 'forcing my morality on you' � you're forcing your immorality on me [PDF]

    Paraphilias of the Day: Pedophilia, Hebephilia, Ephebophilia, and Pederasty [PDF]

    How Does Gay 'Marriage' Hurt Us? Here's How.

    LGBT Groups Blast a New Study Claiming Computers Can Tell If You're Gay or Straight

    Or, did it? - 'Right-wing media' never said LGBT lifestyle caused Hurricane Harvey [PDF]

    Mass. Family Inst. comments on Trump decision, with comments by trans poster child

    32 GENDERS - Oh, the insanity

    KLM Airline's ridiculous attempt to pander to HBTQ crowd Backfires big time!

    Scott Lively - What's Next on the 'Gay' Agenda after Transgenderism?

    Christians Must Exit Government Schools, or follow school rules for crossdressers

    Turns Out This LGBT Youth Center Arsonist Was a Former Member

    Homo-Intolerance - Straight whites banned - from those who cry for tolerance [PDF]

    Well, what do you expect? (Comments tell it all)

    Sick - This is what they do, who they are. Society, some churches affirm this.

    Why Satanist 'church' co-founder says that LGBTQ people are drawn to Satanism [PDF]

    Never buy! - Teen Vogue under fire after promoting sodomy among teens [PDF]

    Matt Walsh: The left wants to turn your child into a sexual deviant. Don't let them. [PDF]

    Yes, Gay Activists Are After Your Children [P]

    Counseling ban, Transgender therapy - Riveting testimony, admits symptom of other psychological problems. Affirmation by adults is child abuse.

    Boycot Macy's - Macy's Lesbian Kiss Inflames Viewers

    Target shareholder gets the 'diversity' treatment

    Same-Sex Attraction and Therapy: It's Time to Let People Choose

    "Pregnant Man" or Bullied Girl?

    Fake academic paper published in liberal journal exposes the absurdity of gender studies [PDF]

    All-girls school in Calif. became first to admit transgenders. Now, a financial reality check [PDF]

    Self-Marriage: When Fools Marry Fools

    LGBTQs target top psychiatrist for debunking gender myths [P]

    Study: More proof a man can never become a woman [P]

    Meet Jane: A true tale of a true transgender [P]

    Homosexual behavior learned?
    A. Hernandez left suicide notes for his jailhouse LOVER & for his fiancee & 4 daughter

    Abused niece learned same-sex interests - a sympton of deeper psychological issues

    Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men' [P]

    A Question for Leftists and Progressives: Is This What You Mean by 'Equality'? [P]

    The Trans Lie:
    Do 66,000 Pediatricians Really Support the AAP's "Trans"-Affirmative Policy?

    Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men' [P]

    Born the way? Recruitment statistics prove otherwise [P]

    Ex-'gay': 'I finally just walked away from that life' [P]

    With Video: - Not just Milo: Child sex abuse often precedes 'gay' lifestyle [P]

    SODOM - LGBT EXPOSED - Hard-Hitting, Major Russian TV Film, 1 hour movie

    Michele Bachmann Says State Department Has Been Pushing 'Evil' Gay Agenda

    The Dressmaker and the Baker: Who's the Real Bigot?

    12 Quotes Against Sodomy That Every Catholic (actually, everyone) Should Know [PDF]

    The 1972 Gay Rights Platform [PDF]

    LGBT activists are coming for your children

    The Entire 'LGBT' Narrative Just Crumbled [P]

    'Gay gene'? No scientific evidence for it

    Eight Major Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic [PDF]

    Oppose Pederast Harvey Milk's name being used for a Navy ship

    Look who's targeting Target's restrooms [P]

    'Queer Kids Stuff' videos indoctrinate preschoolers

    3 homosexuals nominated for bishop by Methodists

    It's propaganda vs. parents in gay-straight clubs

    Queer Activist Admits: "gay marriage" is a lie! It's not about marriage for all, it's about destroying the institution of marriage

    Voters oust powerful pro-LGBT ruling party in Mexico

    Whole Foods exposes gay activist in Austin who claims he got cake with 'slur'
    Related videos

    Victory: Tenn. School Board stands up to LGBT pressure
    protects students from high school "gay" club!

    Learn about the victims of the Ugandan homosexual laws

    Graphic "dating" survey given to high school students in Andover, Mass.
    Crude questions on sexual experience, homosexuality, criminal assault, and more

    LGBT is "Choice" Says Ex-lesbian Mayor de Blasio's Wife and Obama [PDF]

    "Gays" admit they weren't born that way -video | Bonus article - nobody is Born gay and the "Gay Agenda" exposed

    Apparently not born 'gay.'
    Man and woman who used to date become homosexual later in life? How can this be?

    Great testimony about growing up in a "gay" household

    Powerful pro-family conference on "Understanding Homosexuality
    The politically incorrect truth."

    Finished reading Spotlight Issues

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  • Drag Queens, Drag Queen Story Hours:

    Wikipedia: "Drag queens are closely associated with gay men and gay culture"
    HuffPost: "It's true that the majority of drag queens are gay" Beat tells Vox that any drag queen who meets with parents and children at DragCon or a touring drag show should remind them that "beneath the clown everyone is laughing at is either a gay man or a trans person who is directly in the crosshairs of the Trump administration's rifle."
    Matthew 18:5-6
    5 "Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me,
    6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Article reveals sexual abuse charges, but sugar-coats his personality:
    Actor and Drag Star Shangela Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

    Drag Queen 'Shangela' who was invited by Kamala Harris to the White House to celebrate Pride Month was just accused of multiple sexual assaults

    This is what they do, this is what they are:
    Marshfield Teen Drag Program Canceled After Performer's Sick Tweets Surface

    And this is who we trust to "educate" (groom) our kids?
    Arizona Democrats and Planned Parenthood hosted a drag queen story hour at the State's capitol encouraging parents to transition their children [X]

    Dominic Dallich was removed from the classroom after he was exposed for doing hyper-sexualized drag performances. He was just allowed to return to the classroom and is now in charge of young, non-verbal children. [X]

    UNREAL. A school in Albuquerque, NM had a drag queen stripper perform a provocative sexually explicit routine for kids. [X]

    Teacher Fired After Wearing Women's Clothing and Drag to School

    Drag queen who performs for children and is a registered child sex offender arrested on 8 charges relating to child sexual abuse

    West Virginia 'Drag Queen' Teacher Arrested on Child Sexual Exploitation Charges [P]

    A drag queen, who was a former school committee member, to perform for students at Newton, MA Public School

    Drag queen teacher guided students to his sexual drag content on social media

    How a Radical Transgender Christian-Hater Got a Republican County's Money to Counsel Kids [P]

    Drag march: "We're here, we're queer, we're coming for your children

    What they do: A drag queen PRINCIPAL with a history of sex crimes?

    Drag Groomer Gets Less Than A Year In Prison For 11 Child Sex Crimes [PDF]

    Puff piece by paper - The welfare of families and children is not on their radar:
    North Brookfield pride organizers won't do event unless drag performers allowed

    Drag Queen Taught 11-Year-Old About Anal, Oral Sex

    Drag Queen dances on table in school, cartwheels to expose underwear
    Parent addresses school board. DQ tells kids to pick a DQ name [X]

    How the Drag Queen Found his way into Sutton Public Schools

    The Real Purpose of Drag Queen Story Hour

    School suspends sex ed after drag queen 'told 11-year-olds there are 73 genders'

    With video: The Non-Binary Drag Queen Biden Invited to the White House [P]

    Drag Star Miz Cracker Declares "F**ck Family," Issues Call to "Kick Down Traditional Family Values"

    Fury Erupts After School Uses $4,000 of Covid Funds to Host Drag Shows for Kids [P]

    Drag Queen Shows with Children present. It's what they do:
    DeSantis Going After Miami Hotel for Hosting a Drag Show With Children Present [P]

    FL's DeSantis Probes "Sexually Explicit" Holiday Drag Show That Permitted Minors

    "Drag Show" Performer Simulates Bloody Abortion at "Kid-Friendly" Event

    Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood | 26pg PDF

    Burn your Crocs!
    Crocs is promoting child drag shows where children perform dressed up in drag

    The Drag Queen Loophole:
    Pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance

    What they do: From "story hour" to lewd clubbing with the queens

    What they do: Tucson HS Drag Show Promoter Arrested for Sex With Student [PDF]

    Judge, male, with a male "husband," charged with child porn. Was CEO of DQSH and "Cream City" Foundation

    Recruitment, Indoctrination, Inculcation, and Exploitation

    ".. teaching" about "gender diversity," which is euphemistic language for using government schools to impose a leftist sexuality ideology" - L. Higgins

    How drag queens became a target of conservative lawmakers [PDF]

    MassResistance helps Missouri city pass ordinance to exclude children from all "Drag Queen" events

    Montana House Passes Bill That Would Ban Minors From Attending Drag Shows [P]

    Montana newspaper forced to retract libelous attack on MassResistance - published after our strong testimony in State House on Drag Queen bill

    Fighting back:
    Idaho MassResistance activists take up all the seats at Drag Queen show in local library

    "Gay" sex parties hosted by Drag Queen, at a Church, no less
    Vatican orders investigation into English cathedral 'sex party,' possible ties to bishop's resignation

    Florida Takes Action Against Venue That Hosted Provocative 'All Ages' Drag Show [P]

    OUTRAGE: Underage students perform in drag for staff at invite-only school event

    Canada has Caved: They're ALL "H"

    Drag queen middle school teacher makes sexual comments to children at drag event

    Texas MassResistance exposes another Drag Queen with a criminal record who was about to perform for kids at a leftist church event

    Woke Washington Post:
    Drag Shows for Children Are 'Squeaky-Clean,' 'Family-Friendly' [P]

    This is what they do:
    Transvestites strutting around, dancing in a sexual manner as children looked on

    This is what they do:
    Parents shocked by video of after-school drag show at Gay Sex Alliance Club event

    Drag queen pervs teach twerking and other sexually deviance to kids

    Shocking video shows 2 young children being paraded around at Miami drag show while the crowd cheers, throws money at them?

    Texas Elementary School librarian is a BDSM "Leatherman" by night,
    Invited convicted male prostitute Drag Queen to read to schoolchildren

    Pedaling porn to children:
    Read, Listen: Ideologically Grooming Kids Through Storytelling

    Parents fighting back!
    Buckeye Museum cancels Queer Prom venue, 'Wolf in sheep's clothing'

    Pennsylvania School Hosts Drag Show for Kids Without Parent's Permission [P]

    Governor Ron DeSantis: "We Have Laws Against Child Endangerment" [PDF, video]

    Nevada MassResistance activist single-handedly gets his county government to prohibit 'Drag Queen Story Hour' in public libraries

    The hips on the Drag Queen go swish, swish, swish:
    NYC Dept. of Education, PBS team up to promote drag queen to 3-year-olds [PDF]

    Drag Story Hour Twitter Account Claims 'Love Has No Age' in Controversial Tweet [PDF]

    Sample Rules for Public events [PDF] --- Sample Brochure handout for DQSH [PDF]

    MassResistance helps Wisconsin parents force Library Board to enact anti-Drag Queen policy - a big victory!

    Another victory: Texas city stops "Drag Queen Story Hour" after MassResistance pressure

    Town closes book on drag queen story hour

    Minnesota bill would cut state funding for libraries exposing kids to drag queens[PDF]

    MassResistance helps WI parents force Library Board to enact anti-Drag Queen policy - a BIG victory!

    What a 'drag': Lawmaker gets 'death threats' for protecting parental rights [PDF]

    Michelle Malkin Parents' Anti-Drag Queen Hour Resistance Rises

    A push for parents to keep libraries in check

    MassResistance: Lies: Drag queen readers not screened for 'story hour'

    Man dressed as a woman, scantily clad, suggestively and in a sexual manner, crawls up to a little girl. The provocative song "Lose Control" plays. With video:
    Video Shows Drag Queen Suggestively Crawl Up To A Child Before Embracing Her
    This man dressed as a woman is the one in the presence of the child: Click here

    Why We Need Porn Stars Reading To Kids In Schools And Libraries

    National LGBT movement erupts as MassResistance helps NY parents stop local "Drag Queen" event

    Related: Complaint form for Rye, NY Libraries as a reference

    With Video In Chula Vista, CA: Officials lied to public about Drag Queen background checks, MassResistance FOIA request reveals

    Video SNL Skit With RuPaul Highlights The Absurdity Of Drag Queen Story Hours

    Video Just as bad as Drag Queen Story Hours - the NEA & HRC go after kids' minds

    West Virginia MassResistance stops a horrible "Drag Queen" event from taking place in liberal Morgantown's public library

    WVU Holds DQSH, Organizer Says "Inclusivity" Is "The Purpose Of Higher Education"

    Read or Listen: Facebook Removes IFI's Sesame Street Post

    Lawmaker: Let parents decide on 'drag queen' events in libraries

    When a drag queen has to lecture "woke" parents on morality [PDF]

    21-year-old ridiculed as bigot for protesting 'drag queens' for kids kills himself [PDF]

    MassResistance mother meets with her "gay" City Councilman to discuss Drag Queen event in library. He gets angry, throws her out of his office - and calls police!

    Child abuse! LGBT Couple Raising Their 8-Year-Old to Be Instagram Drag Queen Sensation, Dancing for Money

    Elementary school features drag-queen speaker with prostitution record [PDF]

    Spokane Prosecutes Pastor For Praying For Kids At Public Library Drag Queen Show

    Pedophilia advocate admits conservatives are right: Yes, kid drag shows are sexual [PDF]

    Texas teacher says parents 'should not have the final say' in school drag queen event, blasts their 'misguided, bigoted views'

    LGBT Activists Won't Admit Anything's Wrong With A Man Flashing Children During Drag Queen Story Hour

    NEW -Convicted (male) prostitute repeat book reader in liberal Austin - MR cited

    Video Drag Queen Strips for Kids at Drag Queen Story Time.
    How Does This Promote Reading?

    Church vandalized after pastor protests 'Drag Queen Story Hour' for kids

    Listen: Arthur Shaper of MassResistance debates Drag Queen Story Hour

    'Lucifer king of hell': Church vandalized after opposing 'drag queen' event

    'Drag Queen Story Hour' No More After Texas City Council Vote

    Kansas Library Board Divided Over Banning Pedophiles from Reading to Kids [PDF]

    Texas MR, World Net Daily Another library 'drag queen' exposed as sex offender [PDF]

    "Drag Queen" in Austin, TX Public Library exposed by MassResistance as convicted male prostitute

    First libraries, now museums A 'family-centered' drag show?

    Man arrested at library's mind-boggling, perverse event fights back [PDF]

    Video: Drag Queen teaches kids how to twerk Talk about grooming, indoctrination

    Drag Queen Story Hour proves detrimental to libraries seeking increased funding

    Mayor tries to stop drag story hour: 'Why would you have transgender people talking to kids?'

    Public Library Deletes Pictures Of Drag Queens Fondling Children At Story Hour
    See the deleted, disgusting child abuse pictures. Since most DQs are homosexual men, how happy is this guy with a little boy on his crotch, and the library officials in full support of his perverted behavior? - Click here [4MB PDF]

    With videos: Creepy "Drag Queen" at Dallas public library reads book "What color is your underwear" to small children

    Video - Drag Queen Story Hours - grooming children, the Libraries know it

    Video - Admitted homosexual reveals "We're grooming next generation"

    Atlanta's Pro Sports Teams Back Play For Drag Queen Story Hour

    Behind the Chiffon Curtain: Drag Queen Story Hours and Child Endangerment

    These will make you SICK!
    Drag queen with demon-like horns reads to children at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library

    Drag Queen Story Hour Puts the Rainbow in Reading

    "Drag Queen" in Maryland library exposed by MassResistance: He runs lurid sex-oriented businesses, posts pornographic photos of nude men on social media.

    Activist mom of 10 target of hostile doxing

    Photos Show Kids Laying on Top of Drag Queen at 'Drag Queen Story Time' Event

    Photos of children lying on top of drag queen at 'storytime' event allegedly taken down by library after images called out [PDF]

    Washington State MassResistance directly confronts and exposes another hideous "Drag Queen Story Hour"

    Well, duh-uh: 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Kid's Mom Shocked To Find a Pedophile Calling Her Son 'Sexy' Online

    Drag Queen Busted as a Pedophile in Undercover Sting

    Rooftop Snipers Protect LGBTD Grooming Children

    Now church becomes venue for 'drag queen'

    Kids Who Dress In Drag Are Being Manipulated By Adults Who Should Know Better

    Dear 'Parents': Stop Whoring Your Kids to LGBTQ Perverts

    VICTORY: MassResistance forces City Council to cancel Drag Queen Story Hour in Leander, TX Public Library - Complete coverage

    Petition against Drag Queen Story Hour goes viral

    Pure evil, Indoctrination: Drag kids Canada

    'Drag 101' course for teens to be taught at Ohio public library [PDF]
    "drag is not sexual" - Not sexual? Right, when 80%+ "queens" are male homosexuals

    Video - Deep problems with these brainwashed kids

    Libraries becoming private child-corruption centers

    Big surprise - a UCC church affirms sick behavior:
    Leander church to host 'Drag Queen Story Time' after City cancels library event

    "Drag Queens" are almost always homosexuals who have a new recruitment tool:

    Video appears to show drag queen, 11, using illicit party drug - Watch the video

    10-Year-Old Boy 'Drag Kid' Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen

    Converse partners with 11-year-old drag queen

    Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries with children

    The ALA Plunges Deeper into the Drag Cesspool

    Inculcation, recruitment Drag queen-for-children agenda invades Small Town, USA

    Arthur Schaper: Why the Drama Over Drag Queen Story Hour Matters [PDF]

    Video evidence - Man dressing and trying to act like a woman admits it is "craziness"

    No, It's Not Bigoted For Lawmakers To Ban Child Drag Queens

    Drag Queens, "Queers," and Toddlers, Oh My!

    Drag Queen Story Hour Puts the Rainbow in Reading

    Heinous Propaganda and Indoctrination - Don't let in your school!

    Why I Reported the Case of an 11-Year-Old Drag Queen to Child Protective Services [P]

    ACLU files lawsuit over Lafayette Public Library's Drag Queen Story Time ban

    Pushback against drag queens reading to youngsters

    Where's the father? Mother's tattoos speak volumes:
    Erotic gay clothing line features 9-year-old boy dressed in drag as 'covergirl

    As above: 'You can just do you': Boy, 10, founds a drag club for KIDS so they can express themselves in a 'positive, encouraging, and safe' space

    Clearly child abuse - Little boy tells mom he wants to dress in drag. Mom obliges � and is happy to share photos

    Perversion and Child Abuse: Gay Media Promotes 8-Year-Old Drag Queen (w/video)
    Matt Walsh: The LGBT agenda is an active threat to our children

    With video: Homosexual pedophile as a Drag Queen? Big surprise!
    Houston MassResistance exposes "Drag Queen Story Hour" cross-dresser as registered child sex offender! Library officials forced to apologize to public.

    Drag queens of Western Mass: A peek behind the curtain

    Leftists go ballistic as mom confronts 'drag queen story hour' in California

    'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Bianca Del Rio Booed for 'So-Called Jokes' About Rape
    and that's not the worst of it. Caution - language, sicko perverted behavior!

    The Criminal Past of Drag Queen a Library Allowed To Read to Kids Should Enrage Parents

    VICTORY: Organizers announce they're abandoning "Drag Queen Story Hour" in Houston after MassResistance exposé.

    Houston MassResistance exposes more horror: 2nd public library "Drag Queen" is convicted child sex offender - and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM

    Reference several stories Drag Queen story archive from MassResistance

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  • Legal:

    Watch as Ted Cruz explains the constitutionality of marriage (to a "gay" man)

    A Christian Teacher Fired for Not Using 'Preferred Pronouns.' Here's What Happened [P]


    Here's Why a Parental Rights Org. Will Sue Biden's Department of Education [P]

    Judge Rejects Transgender Plaintiffs' Bid to Change Sex on Birth Certificates [P]

    Ohio House Passes SAFE Act, Save Women's Sports Act and Parents' Bill of Rights [PDF]

    Note: Lame-stream media uses "anti-LGBTQ" - We use "Pro-natural life"
    Org. sues to let Mass. middle schooler wear anti-LGBTQ shirt in class

    Federal Appeals Court Upholds Beauty Pageant Transgender Prohibition [P]

    Proposed VA Bill Criminalizing Parents for "Mental Injury" Against LGBT-Identifying Children Shelved, For Now

    FL Adopts Rule Prohibiting Trans Students From Same Bathrooms As Others [P]

    HugeVictory! School Club for Christians Wins Right to Openly Oppose Homosexuality

    Corrupt Kids and Override Parents is Fed Goal in New Title IX

    Appeals court rules in favor of Catholic school that fired counselor living LGBT lifestyle [P]

    Virginia AG Sues Biden for Pushing Transgender Ideology on Children [P]

    Why the UK's Only Clinic for Transgender Youth Got Shut Down[P]

    Fighting back! MassResistance: Parents' lawsuit against Ludlow MA schools system for "transitioning" their children is getting national attention! - Read the complaint - MR Flyer

    Huge Legal Victory: Ohio Professor Awarded $400,000 in Lawsuit Settlement Over University's Pronoun Mandate [PDF]

    Fighting back! Massachusetts School Teachers Sued After Allegedly Encouraging Students to Alter Gender Identity [P]

    Fighting back! Youngkin Signs Bill Requiring Schools to Notify Parents of Sexually Explicit Material [P]

    Huge victory:
    Alabama Gov. Signs Bill Banning 'Gender-Affirming' Care for Transgender Minors [P]

    Huge victory! CA Diverstiy law shot down in court. Claiming to have interest in racial and queer quotas, you know that they were only interested in the homosexual angle:
    Judge Rules California Diversity Mandate for Corporations Is Unconstitutional [P]

    Can Colorado Compel Speech From Christian Businesses? SCOTUS Set to Consider Question Yet Again

    England: Christian teachings to be protected from conversion therapy ban, says Government

    Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón Charges 26-Year-Old Transgender as Juvenile in Sex Assault of 10-Year-Old Girl [PDF]

    Loudoun County prosecutor who sought to jail father of girl allegedly raped at school tied to Soros, McAuliffe

    Hungary Passes Bill Prohibiting Pro-LGBT Materials In Public Schools

    Court's College Pronoun Ruling Is Win for Right to Affirm Reality, Speak Freely
    Print version of article

    Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From Girls' Sports

    More than 30 states now considering bills to ban sexually confused boys from girls sports [PDF]

    Victory: Hairy-Chested Trans Mayor in California Booted from Office [PDF]

    Victory: Alabama's Transgender Bill Bound to Trigger a Meltdown with the Left [P]

    Attorney: Inhumane treatment of girls won't last forever

    Michael Brown: Court strikes blow against LGBTQ tyranny [PDF]

    Appeals court rules ban on 'conversion therapy' unconstitutional [PDF]

    Court rules man cannot be listed as child's mother [PDF]

    California passes LGBT bill that removes "sex offender" label for adult-child homosexual sex

    U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Federal Anti-Discrimination Law Protects Gay And Transgender Workers

    Same-sex 'marriage' hits dead end in Russia [PDF]

    The Supreme Court's Mistaken and Misguided Sex Discrimination Ruling

    MassResistance - The US Supreme Court ruling on Bostock v Clayton County: What you need to know about it - and what we must do now.

    Idaho State Track Athletes Want Transgender Lawsuit Tossed

    Judge Who Banned Calling Trans Athletes 'Male' Has A History Of Favoring Sexual Predators

    Reality cannot be undone: boys are boys, girls are girls

    DOJ against boys competing vs. girls as transgenders

    Professor, Punished for Not Using Preferred Pronouns, Appeals After Judge Dismisses Case

    VA pushes 'equality' as SCOTUS agrees to review what that means

    Lawmakers in 9 States Move to Protect Children From LGBT 'Transition' Agenda

    Pro-trans agency sued for giving life-altering drugs to kids [PDF]

    ADF, PJI defending 'opt-out' rights of CA students

    Texas Jury Rules Against Father Trying to Protect His 7-Year-Old Son From 'Gender Transition'

    Uganda plans bill imposing death penalty for gay sex

    Sex at the High Court: On the Redefinition of "Sex" in Civil Rights Law and Faulty Accounts of "Discrimination"

    Teacher fired for refusing to use transgender student's pronouns launches legal action

    Federal judge tosses lawsuit over Southern Poverty Law Center's hate group labels

    Trump administration incurs LGBTQ wrath in bid to expand religious protections for contractors [PDF]

    Time for the courts to defend parental rights

    2019 sees attempt to ban 'conversion' therapy fail 4 times

    Kennedy combined 'loneliness' and 14th Amendment

    Wrong assumption, madame teacher - here's your lawsuit

    MassResistance helping people stop the tyrannical LGBT "Equality Act" now in Congress

    Why The So-Called Equality Act Is A Bait-and-Switch Power Grab

    Catholic Social Services denied foster care contract for refusing to work with same-sex couples based on religious principle [PDF]

    Supreme Court to decide three cases concerning gay and transgender rights [PDF]

    Texas Backs Chick-fil-A, Come What Mayo!

    First Liberty digs deeper into Chick-fil-A drop

    Parents drop legal fight over an Illinois school system's transgender policy [PDF]

    Battle over censoring same-sex therapy intensifies

    Lesbian Couple Face Prison For Getting Married

    Canadian Court Rules Parents Can't Stop 14-Year-Old From Taking Trans Hormones

    5th Circuit warns single-sex restrooms could be illegal

    'Gay'-counseling ban likely violates 1st Amendment, judge rules

    State sued for ban on gender-confusion counseling

    Maryland sued for making gender counseling illegal

    Supremes allow enforcement of military trans-ban

    Jury's award to transgender woman after rejection by football team is a Minnesota first

    Supreme Court gets lesson on 'sex,' 'gender'

    Gay couple ignites Airbnb war [P]

    Big victory for Christian baker in Colorado

    Christian parent threatens legal action over school's 'gay pride parade'

    Supremes asked if schools can expose naked students to opposite sex

    'Must-stay-gay' counseling censorship under fire

    Stutzman will get another chance in front of hostile state court

    Thomas More challenging 'horrifying' prospect

    Canadian Trans 'Woman' Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing to Wax Him

    Florida's same-sex counseling ban challenged

    Students Could Be Expelled for 'Misgendering' Thanks to University Policy

    Freakout with transgender at funeral home heads to Supremes

    Stop legal 'harassment' by LGBTs, court asked

    Counseling ban in bull's-eye after Supremes affirm speech rights

    California Lawmakers To Restrict Gay Conversion Therapy, But Critics Warn Violation Of Religious Freedom

    National Task Force For Therapy Equality Files Complaint with FTC

    Court bans 'biological father' from helping neglected child

    Israeli Supreme Court rules same-sex 'marriage' not a civil right

    Knowingly exposing others to HIV won't be a felony in California anymore [PDF]

    Tidal wave of support for Colorado baker hits Supreme Court

    Schools warned against mixing genders in showers

    Lesbian mom asks Christian judge to recuse himself from divorce case

    DeVos' conservatism questioned over transgender pronouns

    House lawmakers threaten to block new military transgender rules

    Texas Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Not Entitled to Government Benefits [P]

    Courts find a man fit to potty with the ladies

    Liberty Counsel files amicus brief over Grimm case

    Couple looking to produce wedding videos consistent with their beliefs

    Supreme Court to rule if naked transgenders, kids OK together

    State group at it again, seeking gender privacy

    Federal judge in Texas blocks Pres. Obama's transgender mandate in the Lone Star State and elsewhere
    Texas judge halts federal transgender health protections

    Finally! 'Gays' reveal agenda as shutting up Christian

    Argentine judge rules woman can marry her own stepdaughter

    Massachusetts churches sue for right to be a church

    Obergefell ruling ruled us all 'illogical'

    PA law would permit men in church's ladies' rooms

    Franklin Graham declares war on gender-bender 'brainwashing'
  • Gender Unicorn

    Texas judge temporarily blocks Obama's transgender directive

    America's lawyers face 'knockout blow' for LGBT dissent

    Christian baker takes 'compulsion of speech' case to Supremes

    Supreme Court may decide transgender bathroom issue once and for all [PDF]

    Alabama stacks deck against Chief Justice Roy Moore

    Realities of 'transgender' campaign knock plan off rails

    School board breaks state law by altering discrimination policy

    Indian Tribe Passes New Transgender Bathroom Policy - and Activist Group Is Left 'Very Sad and Disappointed'

    11 States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Directive

    Six reasons North Carolina got it right Excerpt from article by Frank Turek below:
    Click here to read valuable talking points, (displayed with permission)

    1. All good laws discriminate against behaviors not people. No one is being discriminated against with HB2, which discriminates against the behavior of a man using the women's restroom. If any law is wrongly discriminatory, it is the bad law passed by the Charlotte City council passed to create this controversy, which actually discriminates against women and children by making public restrooms unsafe for them. (The ACLU has already filed a lawsuit alleging HB2 does not provide "equal protection" to some folks. Ironically, it's only because of HB2 that women and children get "equal protection" from predators in public bathrooms!)

    2. People are equal, but their behaviors are not. Good laws treat all people equally, but not all of their behaviors equally. In fact, the very reason laws exist at all is because all behaviors are not equal and must be treated differently for the benefit of individuals and society. HB2 discriminates against no one who identifies as LGBT. The law merely sets a safe public bathroom use (behavior) for everyone, and keeps employment law consistent across the state (more on this below).

    3. Your identity is not in your feelings but your biology. I can't believe there is actually a need to say this, but many on the Left are living in their own invented reality and they are demanding that we live in it too. The reason we've always had separate bathrooms is because of biological sexual differences, not because of feelings or "gender identity." HB2 simply says that people will use public bathrooms that align with their biological sex as found on their birth certificate.

    How could this possibly be controversial? Are we to risk the safety of millions of women and children in public restrooms because an extremely small number of people are experiencing a mismatch between their psychology and their biology? Good public policy does not risk the physical safety of women and children so an extreme few have a preference for a different bathroom. Moreover, HB2 actually accommodates people who have had so-called "sex-change" operations. They can use the bathroom of their choice provided they've had their birth certificate changed. It also affects only public restrooms. Companies and other private organizations can adopt any policy they want for their workplace. Do the NBA and the NFL allow men in women's bathrooms? Does Apple? Cisco? Marriott? Lowes? Then why are they insisting the government force everyone to do so? Why do they think North Carolina is wrongly discriminating when they are doing exactly the same thing in their businesses? And why aren't these holier-than-thou folks threatening to pull their business from Iran and Saudi Arabia who are actually murdering homosexuals? Their moral outrage is not only misdirected, it shows that they're willing to put women and children at risk by kowtowing to a deceptive special-interest group, but they'll sacrifice nothing to save the people they say they care about by confronting real evil abroad.

    4. The danger is real from sexual predators in women's restrooms. If you don't think so, then watch this video. Just the first six minutes are chilling enough.

    5. Race and LGBT are not the same. Race is not a behavior and race has no impact on someone's behavior. But homosexuality is a behavior and LGBT political goals are all about imposing certain leftist behaviors on others, from forcing people to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies to allowing men in women's restrooms. The Human Rights Campaign also wants to use the strong arm of government to force companies to give employment preference to a long list of sexual orientations. This would mean that someone who claimed a homosexual orientation - or someone who exhibited the behavior of cross-dressing at work, for example - would have more job security than John or Jane Doe. How so? Because if a company has to downsize, who are they going to let go - one of the helpless Does, or the person who can bring a costly lawsuit alleging "discrimination"?

    6. Opposition to harmful behavior is not bigotry; it is wise. Unfortunately, some on the Left and in business falsely equate opposition to a behavior as prejudice toward people who engage in that behavior. That's the central fallacy in virtually every argument the Human Rights Campaign puts out - if you don't agree with every aspect of LGBT behavior or their political goals, you are somehow bigoted against people who identify that way. If political opposition is bigotry, then the activists at the Human Rights Campaign are bigots for opposing conservatives. The truth is conservatives have good reasons based in public health and safety for not wanting to advocate same-sex marriage or men in women's bathrooms. But it's much easier for the Human Rights Campaign to ignore those arguments and call people names.

    The truth is just too dangerous.
    Finished reading talking points

    North Carolina to Take Federal Government to Court Over State's LGBT 'Bathroom Bill'

    Massachusetts Legislator introduces Bill to protect privacy in lawfully sex-segregated facilities, accommodations, resorts, and amusements, as well as educational, athletic, and therapeutic activities and programs

    Out of the mud - and into the truth

    Hole emerges in Supreme Court edict on marriage

    State lawmakers cancel city's open-bathrooms ordinance

    Puerto Rico defies Supreme Court on marriage

    Alabama: How to break the back of judicial tyranny

    Another state rebels against same-sex 'marriage' mandate

    What the U.S. Constitution doesn't say about "gay marriage"

    It started in Massachusetts. Has it affected life there?
    View this seemingly endless list of incredible events and decide for yourself

    Why Can't Two 'Gay' Brothers Marry? [P]

    Court whacks lesbian mayor for trying to pull switcheroo

    Marriage Law Digest - review legal cases related to marriage

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  • Transgender Issues - Clearly, Deep Psychological & Health Problems at Work:

    Why the Transgender Craze Is Coming to an End [P]

    Note the huge amount of make-up required: A man who's pretending to be a woman says he gets gender euphoria from doing dishes and crying

    Not only mental issues, they're DANGEROUS, too!

    Clearly in need of help for deeper mental issues Many short videos, Page 1

    Clearly in need of help for deeper mental issues Many short videos, Page 2

    5 Things About The AMC Braintree and Plymouth McDonald's Suspect Jared Ravizza

    Planet Fitness Homofascism

    Cares not about the members' feelings or rights, only those of the perves
    Trial to be held over man spotted in Planet Fitness' women's showers

    "Judgment-Free Zone": Man Strips Naked and Parades Around Planet Fitness Women's Locker Room, Asks Woman to Shower With Him [PDF]

    Victim interviewed, via "X"
    Planet Fitness Stock Tanks, via "X"
    Get Woke, Go Broke: Planet Fitness Stock Craters, Gym Chain Sees $400 Million Wiped Out After Transgender Bathroom Uproar
    Planet Fitness Backlash: Says Men OK to Use Women's Dressing Rooms
    Ongoing "Bloodbath" at Planet Fitness!
    Trial court to take up Planet Fitness secret 'open showers' policy

    Trans Agenda Targeting Children Takes a Major Hit as WPATH Files released [PDF]

    Doctor targeted by DOJ for exposing child abuse in Texas hospital

    Trans activist wishes death and torture on transphobic people in violent, psychotic tiktok

    Transgender Supporters Cause Mayhem Inside Montana's Statehouse [P]

    Note effiminate hand gestures that magically go away when the violence starts:
    Trans Extremist Flips Table as Biden WH Insists Trans Community Is Under Attack
    [P, with video]

    Trans Activist Arrested for Raping Two Children Under the Age of 12

    Radical trans activist has meltdown over being "deadnamed" in court documents

    Richard Dawkins Follows the Science and Rejects the Transgender Illusion

    She has a deep psychological problem, but do you think she got real help? No!
    Just affirmation to have horrendous sex-change surgery.

    She Started Hearing Voices in Her Head Before Trying to Become a Man [PDF]

    Steals her clothes, then wears them in public. A typical Biden moron:
    Fashion Designer's Stolen Clothes 'Unwearable' at Ex-Biden Official's House [P]

    The most important link on transinsanity to send to WOKE friends, companies and organizations

    Expert psychiatrist warns that "gender-affirming" care is dangerous for kids

    A child of 15 months being groomed by her own mother

    Men faking to be women to get into women's prisons

    So-Called 'Trans Women' Are Being Locked Up in Women's Prisons
    One Former Inmate Is Speaking Out [P], with video

    A Man Pretending to Be a 'Trans Woman' Raped a Female Prisoner at Rikers [P]

    A 'Transgender' Convicted Murderer Is Being Housed in a Women's Prison [P]

    Over Half of 'Trans Women' in Jail in Wisconsin Have Been Convicted of Sex Crimes [P]

    Woman in NJ Prison Files Lawsuit: She Was Sexually Assaulted By Transgender Inmate [PDF]

    When pigs fly:
    More from the annals of the Chestfeeding Society; 'trans-milk'

    With womb transplants a reality, transgender women dare to dream of pregnancies

    Lesbian "trans therapist" reveals how screwed up the whole Trans thing is

    Elon Musk Suggests Life In Prison For Parents Who Change Kids' Genders PDF

    Judge Rejects Transgender Plaintiffs' Bid to Change Sex on Birth Certificates [P]

    "Molly" Bowman is a man pretending to be a woman who works as a team lead and hall monitor at @SpaceCampUSA for young children

    Ohio Schools Defying State Law will Endanger Children

    Are We Seeing a Return to Sanity on the Transgender Issue? [P]

    "Expert" can't cite a single study that proves 'Gender Affirming Care'
    (hormones, surgery) improves the underlying mental condition:

    Dan Crenshaw: Gender Affirming Care Is the 'Hill We Will Die On' [P]
    CDC Claims Transgenders Can 'Chestfeed' Babies[P]

    Some Advice for the "T" in LGBT [PDF]

    Based Tulsi Gabbard Has A Lot To Say About The Transgender Craze

    Totally WOKE! Massachusetts Department of Public Health Embracing 'Pregnant People' Rather Than 'Pregnant Women'

    Vandals Attack Utah Senator's Home After He Supported Bill to Ban Transgender Surgeries [P]

    Trans Activist Violently Assaults Riley Gaines at SFSU Speech [P, with videos]

    Group Behind Trans "Day of Vengeance" Raised Money for Firearms Training - Trans Activists Pose with Firearms Threatening Christians Ahead of Rally at US Supreme Court PDF

    Poster boy/girl for their state of mind

    Transgender Teacher Who Threatened to Shoot Students Gets Booted from School [P]

    'Trans' Man Sues Women-Only Social Media Platform for Removing His Account [P]

    3 of the People Biden Idolized During 'Transgender Day of Remembrance' Died Attacking Innocent People [P]

    The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of 'Transgender'' Industry Leaders
    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

    The insanity: 'Trans Women' Who Were Celebrated During Women's History Month [P]

    Captcha: Biden Leads the nation down the rabbit hole - or is it Gotchya?

    LGBTQ education organization encourages teachers to be trans activists in their classrooms by using pronouns and removing gendered language

    Trans Biden Official Endorses Group That Refers to Mothers As 'Egg Producers' [P]

    Military: Female National Guard Member Forced to Shower With Biological Male Identifying As Trans [P]

  • Christianity and transgenderism are wildly incompatible:
    Ready Yourself for the 2024 Storms [PDF]

    Tik Tok is being used to Groom and Recruit children

    Nashville: Another defenseless school, this time target of a tranny [P]

    Autism: Medical Experts Beginning to Realize What Might Be Behind 'Gender Transition' Craze [PDF]

    Chinese Military To Just Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Soldiers

    A NY Teacher Manipulated Student to Become Trans, Causing Her to Become Suicidal Lawsuit Says [P]

    It's all "H" They doth protest too much

    Teacher With 'Z-Size' Prosthetic Breasts Placed on Leave [P]

    Photos of Tranny Teacher With 'Z-Size' Prosthetic Breasts Raises More Questions [P]

    Liberal Filmmaker Slams 'Gender-Affirming' Care After Son Came Out as Transgender [P]

    Even after cutting up her body, people still see her as a woman

    Symptoms of deeper mental issues, calls himself a "transgender woman extrordinaire." Well, lah-ah-di-dah

    Clearly Child Abuse:
    Trans Hospital Worker Exposes Disturbing Details on Gender-Affirming Care for Kids [P]

    Video: Florida is fighting to defend itself from the transgender tsunami and LGTBQ cult

    Canada's shame: a gender-confused man upset over rejection by women-only gym

    Children's Hospital Gender Program "Navigator" Touts Uterine Transplants
    for Trans Men from 'Live Donors'

    Youtube video: Man decided he was a cross-dressing lesbian. Wait .. What?!!

    Transsexual Reportedly Confesses to Burning Down 117-Year-Old Church in Portland [PDF]

    Disturbing Origins of Transgenderism

    VA School Superintendent Indicted for Covering Up Campus Rape Amid Trans Bathroom Controversy

    NBC: One Segment of Population Will Be 'Disproportionately' Affected by Voter ID Laws [P]

    Federal Appeals Court Upholds Beauty Pageant Transgender Prohibition [P]

    Vanderbilt Med. Center's 'transgender' program built on money, power

    Thorough discussion on trans surgery by Dr. Robert Malone

    Homomen parents with boy who they've made think "nothing is normal" so become a girl

    Read or Listen: The "Trans" Cult Marches On Even As Its Harms Are Exposed
    (Audio Player at bottom of page)

    Virginia AG Sues Biden for Pushing Transgender Ideology on Children [P]

    Wrong to re-define pronouns as would be the case with adjectives

    How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes

    Video Exploited Woman tells Tucker Carlton why she de-transitioned

    Fighting back! Massachusetts School Teachers Sued After Allegedly Encouraging Students to Alter Gender Identity [P]

    FL Adopts Rule Prohibiting Trans Students From Same Bathrooms As Others [P]

    Kansas Lawmaker Slams Transgender Women Using Women's Restrooms [P]

    Biological Male Transgender Inmate Convicted of Murder Now Listed as 'Female' on Prison Records [PDF]

    Trans Killer Who Confessed to Slaughtering Parents Reassigned 'Female' in Prison - It Gets Worse [PDF]

    Democrat Politicians Urge Clemency for Transgender Child Sex Offender and Murderer Set to Be Executed in Missouri Next Week [PDF]

    Mother Loses Custody of Daughter for Failure to 'Affirm' Trans Identity

    Trans Prisoner Transferred to Youth Facility After Impregnating Inmates At Women's Prison

    Because this is what they do: The Only Dude In Chick Prison [P]

    Even in homo-loving UKR: Transgender Stopped at Ukrainian Border, Told to Turn Around and Fight After Guards Find Out His Real Gender [PDF]

    Who could have seen this coming?
    Progressive Official Realizes Too Late What She's Done After Putting Transgender Rapist in Women's Prison [PDF]

    Wait a second, how can this be? Men faking at being a women?
    Some Trans Prisoners "Switch Gender," Go Back to Male Identity After Placement in Women's Prisons

    17 y/o boy (now 26) assualted girl, got caught, then suddenly changed "gender" to female so as to get sent to female Juvie:
    26-Year-Old Convicted Child Molester Sentenced to 2 Years in Female Juvenile Facility

    Trans First Grade Teacher Claims Doctors 'Guess' a Baby's Gender When They Are Born. Claims to teach about "transgender" to the kids [P]

    IFI's Laurie Higgins clearly defines transcultism Read or listen (Player at bottom of article)

    Gender Pretenders Destroying Authenticity and Liberty

    Mr. Rodgers knew in the 1960's. He'd be charged with a hate crime today

    Elizabeth Johnston: Oregon Schools Set to Place Pads and Tampons in Boys' Rooms for "Menstrual Dignity"

    February 17, 2022:
    UK Doctor Fired for Saying He Wouldn't Call A Man "Madam" Set to Appeal His Case

    There is no apt description of this tra-ns-vesty

    Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón Charges 26-Year-Old Transgender as Juvenile in Sex Assault of 10-Year-Old Girl [PDF]

    Woman with mental issues tries to be a "man" and give birth anyway. Met someone through homohookup Grindr

    Twitter Suspends The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh Over Transgender Posts [P]

    Pedophile, 60, identifies as female, jailed for cocaine-fueled sex with dog

    What I've Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy

    Activists Deliberately Amplified Transgenderism To America's Gullible Kids, And Few Are Protecting Them

    Totally bizarre betond words: 'I was living two different lives': Springfield middle school principal Declan O'Connor comes out as transgender

    Michael Brown: Newsweek Warns: Sex-Change Surgery Might Just Destroy Your Life

    The Transgender Question [P]

    It's Not Just 'Gender Dysphoria.' It's Now 'Rapid Onset Marxism.'

    The sickness revealed. Cross Dressiing for Sexual Arousal, Transvestite - transgender How the transgender movement destroyed a family. A mother tells her story.
    "... has motivated me to warn people of the destructive nature of the LGBTQ movement and how it seeks to destroy the rights of free speech, religious freedom, and parental rights."

    They claim most people accept their mental disorders. But this Pro-life Polish legislator had the perfect response to a reporter who is a man claiming to be a woman:
    I'm having a gag reflex ... Don't we all ...

    Majority Oppose Trans Actions

    Loudoun County School Board
    Breaking News: Victory! Loudoun County Public Schools Remove Sexually Explicit Book from Library [P]

    Children as Human Shields in Loudoun County

    Loudoun County Students Stage Walkout, Parents Voice Outrage After Student Found Guilty of Assault

    Loudoun County School Board Was Informed on the Day of Alleged Bathroom Assault

    Loudoun County: When You Cover Up Alleged Rapes...You Can Expect These Sorts of Things to Happen [P]

    Loudoun County Teen Claimed Sex Assault Was An Accident, Happened When His Skirt Snagged On Wristwatch

    If people can claim to be of another sex, which is impossible, then why can't someone who is thin claim to be fat? | Give this guy a medal!

    Major development for male teacher supervising nude girl in locker room [PDF]

    Reveal: Nobody's buying it! - Joy Behar Called 'Caitlyn' Jenner 'He' [P]

    Read or Listen: Butchering Bodies of Suffering Young People (Player at bottom of article)

    Victory: Hairy-Chested Trans Mayor in California Booted from Office [PDF]

    Victory: Alabama's Transgender Bill Bound to Trigger a Meltdown with the Left [P]

    Idaho elementary school counselor tells 11-year-old girl she can be a "transsexual" - but doesn't tell her family!

    Michael Brown: Court strikes blow against LGBTQ tyranny [PDF]

    After Trans Activists Try To Ban 'Irreversible Damage,' It Becomes A Bestseller

    Candace Owens Responds to Backlash to Harry Styles' Dress Comments: "Real Women Don't Do Fake Feminism"

    "Trans" Cultism IS an Election Issue

    A Victory for Truth: Transgender Study Corrected
    Trans surgey does not improve mental health

    Study actually says transgender surgery makes people more likely to have anxiety disorders [PDF]

    Related: Authors of Largest Gender 'Transition' Study Forced To Admit the Uncomfortable Truth

    Unmistakably mental problems of transgenderism, in need of prayer, help

    Court rules man cannot be listed as child's mother [PDF]

    Problematic Women: Transgender Movement Seduces Teenage Girls

    Sick, perverted:
    Trans Bathroom Enabled Alleged Sexual Assault Of Kindergartener

    Read, Listen, watch: Female-Impersonating "Teacher" Uses Girls' Restroom

    Male teacher campaigns to share restroom with little girl [PDF]

    Where's the father? Ohio Mom Throws 'Gender Reveal Party' for 17-Year-Old Transitioning 'Son'

    J.K. Rowling Transgender surgery for kids a 'medical scandal'

    Mother over-uses "He/Him/His" to describe her daughter
    15-Year-Old Going Through Drug-Induced Menopause, And Her Mother Is Thrilled

    Most Parents Have No Idea Their Kids' Schools Are Pushing Transgender Ideolog

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    Trans Regret stories abound

    Victory over the "trans" life through the Grace of God
    In His Image: Delighting in God's Plan for Gender and Sexuality Trailer, Full Movie

    In His Image: Many great videos | In His Image: Many great articles

  • Sex Change Regret

    The reality, of course, is different. Across the country, thousands of young people are being permanently marked by physical and psychological damage. In fact, some are now expressing deep regret, and their stories are coming to light.

    Dodsworth describes how one young woman, Lucy, who, struggling with anorexia and body dysmorphia, was quickly prescribed gender reassignment surgery as treatment: "At the age of just 23, she could not comprehend how doctors could remove her breasts, uterus and ovaries. 'I feel mutilated,' she said."

    Another young woman, Susanna, described how her dysphoria grew from the scars of unaddressed sexual abuse: "For me, transition was a kind of self-harm. I was trying to destroy the person I was."

  • Transgender Lawsuits Reveal Horrors of Procedures
    a lifetime of disfigurement and chronic pain [PDF]

  • Angry Detransitioner, 21, Sues Doctors For Removing Her Breasts at 16: [PDF]
    'I Don't Think Kids Can Ever Consent' to a lifetime of disfigurement and chronic pain

  • Ex-Trans Exposes What Doctors Did to Her
    Backs FL Rule Barring Medicaid Funds for Trans Interventions [PDF]

  • Listen: The Transgender Terror with Chloe Cole and Jeff Younger (32:20)

    Many Fox News Detrans Stories

    Detransitioned woman: 'I'm grateful I wasn't affirmed' in my 'trans' identity as a child

    "I Detransitioned. Here's what they will NEVER TELL YOU!"

    Nikita Teran was 100% sure she was trans. Doctors rushed her through surgery for a double mastectomy

    Detransitioning teen says medical team wouldn't help her

    Transgender boy transitioning to life as girl changes his mind

    What "60 Minutes+" Won't About How Transgender Movement Endangers Kids

    Lesley Stahl defends CBS 60 Minutes episode about transgender people rushing into treatment then regretting it: Young man was castrated after taking female hormones for just THREE MONTHS

    4 heart-breaking Trans-regret stories, includes moving video testimonies

    Listen or Read: Listening to People Who Detransition

    5 men and women harmed by 'trans' surgeries share their stories of regret, anxiety and depression

    The complications from sex reassignment surgery are horrific - but in today's trans-activist world, we can't talk about this

    Transgender Activists Tell Our Daughters They're Not Acceptable The Way They Are

    YouTube Won't Allow You to Hear These 6 Words From Former Transgender Identifying Person Walt Heyer

    "How the transgender movement destroyed my body and my life." A young woman tells her story as a warning to others.

    For 11 Years, She Lived as a Man

    More and more transsexuals speaking out over regretful surgeries

    More and more trans men deeply regret gender reassignment surgery [PDF]

    'Hundreds' Of Transgender People Want To Go Back To Their Birth Sex, Says Formerly Trans Woman

    Transing Children Is Child Abuse And Should Be Punished

    Univ. rejects study on transgender surgery regrets

    Man Tried To Share His Regrets About Transgender Life. YouTube Censored It

    British Prof. Shows "Sex Change Regret" is Rising, Univer. Takes Away His Funding [P]

    Dozens of trans-regretters now 'out of the closet'

    Exploiting Child Suicide To Bully Parents Of Trans Kids Is The Ultimate Science Denial

    Scaring Parents Of Trans Kids With Suicide Shuts Down Their Ability To Consider Options For Their Kids

    The strange and eerie tale of Richard L. Levine

    Duh, who wudda thunk? - 'Transgender' men 'raping staff' in women's prison [PDF]

    Dwyane Wade's Kid Underscores How Gender Fluidity Is Erasing Homosexuality

    Parental rights trampled, Canada's homofascism spilling over into U.S.
    Read, Listen: Canada, Big Brother, and a U.S. Congressional Race

    Big Surprise: Transgender inmate accused of rape Who saw that coming?

    Heartbreak, with video:
    Dad Of Trans Teen Breaks Gag To Beg For End Of 'State-Sponsored Child Abuse'

    Video: What Letting Your 3-Year-Old Choose Their Gender REALLY Looks Like - Funnnniee

    University To Start Putting Feminine Hygiene Products In All Restrooms "Regardless Of Gender"

    Read, Listen: Chicago Trans Power Couple Birth New Birth Certificates

    Read, Listen: Lieutenant Colonel Pritzker Rejects His Sex and Political Affiliation

    World's smallest violin time:
    For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical [PDF]

    Michigan: 45-Year-Old Sex Offender Identifies As 8-Year-Old Girl: Child Pornography Is Protected Under First Amendment [PDF] - Related Video: Click here

    Tucker Carlson Debunks Claim There is an "Epidemic" of Transgenders Being Murdered

    Transgender Clinics Are Ruining Young Live

    The 'Transgender' Endgame

    Report: Transgenders 58% more likely to commit murder than be murdered [PDF]

    Trans rights were never about equality. Equality means equal rights, not additional rights above and beyond what is common to all - for those new rights violate foundational ones. And if the foundational rights of some (such as freedom of expression) can be trampled simply because of their beliefs (such as in heterosexual marriage), then those foundational rights are not equally protected for all citizens. - Story source

    Trans house of cards beginning to fall

    Clearly with mental issues, goes hand-in-hand with gender dysphoria, this girl who thinks she's a boy needs help with reality, not affirmation of a non-winable situation: - Alleged Juvenile STEM School Shooter Will Be Tried As An Adult - Pic- Pic

    Read or Listen: A Terrible Secret Revealed by the Mother of Two "Trans"-Identifying Children

    Read or Listen: The "Trans" Nightmares of Children We Don't Want to Hear

    Affirming Falsehoods, Mutilating Bodies
    We Are Not "In" Our Bodies, We Are Our Bodies

    Physical Interventions on the Bodies of Children to "Affirm" their "Gender Identity" Violate Sound Medical Ethics and Should be Prohibited

    Legally Non-Binary Person Changes Birth Certificate Back To "Male" In Major Blow to Trans Narrative

    Video: Poster boy for the trans movement

    Trans 'Woman' Jessica Yaniv Slams Gynecologist For Refusing to Treat Him Because He's a Man

    Dem. candidate, media, clueless to the mental problems of transgenderism

    Ex-Transman: "Most Transgenders suffer from some kind of mental disorder"
    Video: Former Transgender Exposes Trans Movement! Lies, fraud

    Video: Child Abuse, Female Erasure & the Death of ALL Human Rights

    Related: CNN calls "women" individuals with a cervex"
    Great comments with this story

    Anyone surprised by this guy?
    Transgender paedophile sues NHS for refusing "her" reassignment surgery while "she" serves prison sentence

    Read, Listen: Christians Caving to "Trans"-Cultists' Language Rules

    6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers

    Gender-neutral restrooms in UK schools reportedly causing girls to hold bladders all day, stay home when menstruating [PDF]

    Police arrest 'Sexy Vegan' following reports that he sexually assaulted his dog and posted a video of the incident on the internet

    12 deaths from vaping, 6,300 deaths from transgender puberty-blocker drug?

    Read, Listen: Incredible Story of District 211 School Board Elections - homo-corruption

    7 Things I've Learned Since My Child Identified As Transgender

  • Sex Change Regret

    Transgender Surgery Is the Lobotomy of the 21st Century

    Yes! - Ex-Transgenders are for real, the media lies Here are 2 de-trans sites
    Pique Resilience Project --- 4thWaveNow

    Actual testimony, Video: Transgenderism: The Consequences

    My New Life After Transgender Despair

    Here's What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court [PDF]

    Read, Listen: Debate on Co-Ed Locker Rooms with Irrational Executive Director of Uptown People's Law Center

    Associated Press story about a woman with obvious mental issues, obese, thinks she's a man, take all kinds of drugs, still gets pregnant and the baby, who had a detectable heartbeat, dies in stillbirth (hmm, wonder how that could have happened)

    AP says he, he, he, he, transgender man, "man delivers a baby," doctor says, "It's a very upsetting incident, it's a tragic outcome," as if all these factors weren't going to collide in disaster.

    Now doctors need training. Once again, it's a baby that dies at the hand of insanity
    Blurred lines: A pregnant man's tragedy tests gender notions
    Trans Tragedy: This Baby Died Because Mother's Medical Records Listed Her as Male

    Even the Department of Justice, in their description of a pervert tranny abusing a young girl. calls him a "she." Clueless, not recognizing that messing with genders is a mental illness: Lawrence Resident Charged With Sexually Exploiting Children

    Does Gender Transition Improve the Lives of People with Gender Dysphoria?

    Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria�Too General and Too Much Harm

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!
    The story of a man who masqueraded as a woman, had many identities, and spent years defrauding and deluding investors in a clever scheme. This perfectly demonstrates the twisted thinking behind those who impersonate and hide behind a bizarre alternative identity. - Liz Carmichael, actually Jerry Dean Michael, a criminal huckster

    Transgender people should BE REQUIRED to state the sex to which they are sexually attracted and aroused by. If someone calls them by the wrong gender, they should also RE REQUIRED to inform the person as to how they should have been able to idenify their desired gender. The confusion as to their intentions CAUSES many of the resentment and belittling they face.
    Video - Stephen Crowder tries to sort it all out

    Transgender insanity: Another big battle in the war on common sense

    When Adults Like Caitlyn Jenner Pursue Xgender Parenting Fantasies, Children Suffer

    Serious mental issues in so many ways:
    Lawrence Trans resident arrested on charges of sexually exploiting 4-year-old

    Ex-'trans man' wants the world to know: Social media fuels kids' decision to change sex

    Docs urge surgeon general to dig into gender dysphoria 'remedy'

    Warning for trans kids: 'Wall of reality' at puberty

    Taxpayers would foot bill for 'ghastly' surgery on children

    The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism

    Transgender woman uses restroom at same time as his wife, so 'upset' husband calls police. Then he's allegedly spit at and cursed out.

    Psychologists Can't Figure Out Why Hardly Anyone Wants To Date A Trans Person

    'Transgender' male teacher 'comes out' to elementary school kids without a warning

    God help us Stop This Wicked Transgenderism

    Transgender woman gets working vagina constructed from fish skin
    Did they really have to stress "odor free?"

    Video: Pediatric Endocrinologist Blasts 'Poor Science' Behind Child Trans Therapy

    5 Crazy Things Trans Activists Want Your Kids Taught About Gender Identity

    Graphic: worker chops off his own penis and testicles using ultra-sharp ceramic knife and ice-cold water in bid to 'become a nullo' - was referred to a mental health team

    SCIENCE: Majority Of Kids Stop Feeling Transgender As They Get Older

    TED Talker Promotes Laws To Let Doctors Mutilate Minors Without Parent Consent

    Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of 'Family Violence' For Calling Trans Daughter A 'She'

    With Audio & Video: IFI: When Worldviews Collide

    Feminist, Pro-Gay Mother Of Trans Child Critiques Bans On 'Conversion Therapy'

    Whistleblowers: U.K. kids victims of trans-experiments

    Listen: Opposition to "Trans" Ideology Grows Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

    How Naturalism, Gender Identity And Pornography Are Inexplicably Entwined

    Transgenderism: More Poison Fruit from the Tree of Cultural Marxism

    Police Arrest Transgender Woman In Bronx Pepper Spray Attack, Links To More Hate Crimes Being Investigated

    Homathletes put their sexual orientation above the sport and their country:

    Video: Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Is No Hero, is a total disgrace

    With Video: Ashlyn Harris, F-bomb dropping Les. [PDF] & video

    After yelling about inclusion, women's World Cup team excludes only black player for her Christian faith

    Allie Long & Megan Rapinoe Drop American Flag to Ground During Women's World Cup Celebration For Photo Op

    The confused world of Megan Rapinoe

    Limbaugh: Soccer star Megan Rapinoe is 'cr*pping on the country'

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    Men posing as women creating HUGE problem in women's sports:

    Clueless Biden Reverses the Progress

    DOE Is About to Unleash Sexual Assault on Girls and Women [P]

    Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports [P]

    Setback: 2nd Circuit rules against protecting female athletes

    Huge Actions, Victories for Women's Sports!

    NYC Parents Expressed Concerns About 'Transgender' Athletes. Here's How Democrats Responded. [P]

    North Shore Wrestling Coach Pushing For Separate Girls’ Wrestling Team, So Girls Don’t Have To Wrestle With Boys

    New Hampshire Lawmaker Cites KIPP Academy Lynn Girls' Basketball In Push To Ban Transgender Athletes From Girls' Sports

    "Only athletes whose biological sex assigned at birth is female and have not begun hormone therapy will be allowed participate in women's sports:"
    NAIA takes a stand against men in women's sports

    Led by Riley Gaines, 16 Women File Groundbreaking Suit against the NCAA

    Vermont School Officials Pay the Price for Silencing Snowboarding Coach

    A small step forward, but for reasons as yet unknown:
    Brookline Trans Track Runner Who Helped Team Win State Title Did Not Compete At States This Year

    Florida Principal, 4 School Officials Reassigned After Allowing Biological Male to Join Girls' Volleyball Team [PDF]

    Stupid Democrat spills the beans. Suggests privacy shields in women's locker rooms. By saying that, he's admitting that those peverts are not actually "women."
    Dem Accidentally Proves Men Using Women's Locker Rooms Is a Bad Idea [P]

    Female Martial Artists Refuse to Compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament After Being Forced To Fight Men Claiming to be Women [PDF]

    Gallup Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Do Not Believe Biological Men Should Be Allowed to Compete in Women's Sports [PDF]

    Shocking # of Americans: Men Competing In Women's Sports Is Morally Wrong [P]

    Men Cheating to win

    Connecticut Transgender Shot Putter Takes Bronze At Girls' State Championship Meet

    Man wins Maine Girls' Track State Championship

    Connecticut Transgender Track Athlete Wins Girls’ State Championship

    Transgender New Hampshire Girls' Track Athlete Wins Another State Title

    All-Star Boys' Soccer Player Playing For Carver High Girls' Team

    Transgender Athlete Competing In Fencing At Brandeis University

    Transgender Brookline Track Runner Has Won An Event At Every Meet This Spring

    Camden Schreiner, a male, win 1st place in the women's 200m dash [X]

    Maine Transgender High School Skiier Named To Girls' All-Conference Team

    'Trans' Athlete Will Compete in a Women's Water Polo Championship [P]

    Trans NH High School Track Runner Wins Two Events At Meet

    'Cheater': Trans Weightlifter Wins Women's Competition [P]

    Female weightlifter speaks out against male who competed in women's division [X]

    Man wins women's weightlifting competition [X]

    Female athlete gets teeth knocked out by a male playing on opposing team after a brutal shot

    Vt Girls' Basketball Team With Transgender Center Loses State Championship Game

    Transgender KIPP Academy Lynn B-ball Player Is A Three-Sport Star On Girls' Teams

    Transgender Maine High School Skier Had Three Third-Place Finishes At State Championship Meet

    Girl Injured by 'Trans-Identified Male' Basketball Player, Forcing Halftime Forfeit [PDF]
    Watch here

    New Hampshire Transgender Track Athlete Favored To Win State Championship Meet

    Biological Male Brookline, Mass. High School Track Runner Wins Girls' 55-Meter Dash Event At Conference Meet

    Boys playing on girls' high school field hockey is becoming more common in Massachusetts

    After Female Field Hockey Teammate Hospitalized By (brutal) Shot From Boy, Dighton-Rehoboth Captain Calls On MIAA To Make Changes

    A 50-year-old dude is swimming in a girls swim competition and using the women's changing room with teenage girls

    Maine Transgender Cross Country Runner Wins Girls' Class C Regional Meet

    Mass. law so screweed up. Allows boys to play (as boys) on girls' teams
    Field Hockey, Soccer - Did the girls really win? Are opposing teams satisfied?

    'Trans' Runner Complains About Being 'Embarrassingly Slow' After Winning Women's Race [P]

    'Transgender' Athletes Dominate Women's Soccer Tournament [P]

    Hulking 'Transgender' Fencer Wins Women's World Title Over Biological Females [P]

    Trans Cyclist Defeats All Women in Race But Reportedly Didn't Place When Racing Men [PDF]

    A College Coach Spoke Out Against Men in Women's Sports. What Happened. [P]

    Boy Pretending to Be a Girl Wins Girls' High School State Skiing Championship: 'It's Not Fair' [PDF]

    Republican Ohio Lawmakers Advance Bill Banning Biological Men From Girls' and Women's Sports [PDF]

    Female Athletes Sound the Alarm About Trans Athletes in Women's Sports [P]

    With video & Audio (Player at bottom of page)
    Title !V: Illinois' Disastrous Leadership Making Headlines-Again

    Girl Athletes File Lawsuit Against Conn. For Allowing Biological Males In Their Sport [PDF]
    Student Athletes in Oklahoma Will Now Have to Sign 'Biological Sex Affidavit' and Compete on Teams Matching Biological Sex

    FINA Bans Transgender Swimmers in Women's Competitions [P]

    Parents Face Even More Than the Destruction of Their Daughters' Sports As Title IX Turns 50 [P]

    Title 9 Turns 50:
    Female Athletes & Advocates Raise Concern About the Future of Women's Sports [P]

    Ohio Bill Would Require Genital Checks for Suspected Trans Athletes

    South Carolina Bans Transgender Athletes In Women's and Girls' Sports

    Tennessee Gov. Signs Law Penalizing Schools That Allow Transgender Athletes [P]

    Kentucky, Oklahoma Join Arizona As Latest States Aiming to Protect Women's Sports

    U.S. Education Department rules that men posing as women in sports
    is unfair to real women!
    MassLive | Associated Press | Washington Times | Hartford Currant
    Schools could lose Federal Funding, Federal Court to decide
    Video: LifeSite News turns in petitions at U.S. Dept. of Education

    More Female Athletes Are Calling on NCAA to Protect Women's Sports [P]

    USA Swimming Unveils New Transgender Policy [P]

    Olympic Committee Guidelines for Trans Athletes Eliminating Testosterone Threshold

    More Than 300 Female Athletes, Olympians Urge NCAA To Protect Women's Sports

    'Silent Protest': Women Refuse to Stand on Winners' Podium After Trans Cyclist Wins Race [P]

    Man Who Thinks He Is a Woman Takes First in Women's Bike Race

    They are Males, but They're Not Men [P]

    Trans Runner Beat Thousands of Women in London Marathon After Running in NYC Race as a Man [P]

    University Police Suspend Investigation into Riley Gaines' Hostage for Ransom Incident Citing Lack of Evidence, Despite Video

    Man who thinks/pretends he's a woman, swims to women's records

    Riley Gaines competes against Will Thomas
    (calling himself "Lia" and posing as a "woman,") in swimming

    They tie in one of the events
    Only one trophy could be awarded by the corrupt NCAA and it was given to the "transgender" guy.
    An abomination!

    Woman, 80, Banned from YMCA After Complaining About Trans 'Woman' in Locker Room [P]

    Where Are All the Girls In Boys' Sports? [P]

    Biological Male Transgender Cyclist Doubles-Down on Competing Against Women [P]

    Trans Athletes, The New York Times, and the Ivy League [P]

    Michael Phelps Weighs In on Trans Swimmer Controversy, Calls for "Even Playing Field"

    "She" has faced anger, scorn and ridicule, criticized by some opponents
    Transgender weightlifter selected for team [PDF]

    Good news!
    Texas Senate Passes Bill Requiring Students to Compete on Sports Teams That Match Their Biological Sex [P]

    A Majority of Americans Support Restricting Trans Athletes to Teams That Correspond With Birth Gender

    Homofascism: A College Coach Spoke Out Against Transgenders in Women's Sports. You Won't Believe What Happened Next [P]

    Good news! Arizona Lawmakers Vote to Restrict Biological Male Athletes in Women's Sports [P]

    In Case You Need More Proof Womanhood is at Risk, Outlet Put 'Female' in Quotes to Describe Emma Weyant [P]

    NBC airbrushed Thomas photos to make him look more feminine [P]

    Male pretending to be female wins NCAA Swimming event [PDF]

    UPenn Officials Reportedly Ignore Complaints About Lia Thomas' Nudity in Women's Locker Room [P]

    Biological Male Lia Thomas Competing in Women Swim Team Meets Wins More Titles, Sets Records [P]

    Lia Thomas' Teammates Issue Letter Asking UPenn to Accept Protections for Female Athletes

    Why Lia Thomas Is Making the Women's Locker Room at UPenn a Very Awkward Place [P]

    Female UPenn Swimmer: Lia Thomas 'Was Not Even Close' to Being Competitive as a Male [P] with Video

    The irony of it all:Transgender UPenn Swimmer 'Crushed' in Two Races By Another Transgender Athlete [P]

    USA Swimming Official Resigns in Protest to Trans Athlete Lia Thomas Competing Against Women

    Female Athletes Speak Out Against NCAA, Equality Act to Defend Women/Girls' Sports

    As of April 25, 2021 - How Governors Voted to Protect Girls in Sports [P]

    Good news!
    Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From Girls' Sports

    Good news!
    More than 30 states now considering bills to ban sexually confused boys from girls sports [PDF]

    Good news!
    Arkansas governor signs transgender sports ban into law

    Good news!
    Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves to sign bill limiting girls' sports to biological females [PDF]

    Disappointing news
    ACLU Sues State of Ohio for Bans Against Child Sex Changes, Men in Women's Sports

    Laurie Higgins, IFI: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Disappoints on "Trans" Law

    Attack on Women's Sports Continues as NFL Team Ditches Cheerleaders for Gender Inclusive Dancers [PDF]

    Transgender Fighter Who Broke Woman's Skull in MMA Ring Has Now Been Called the 'Bravest Athlete in History'

    Victory - 14 States File Court Brief Backing Idaho Law That Protects Women's Sports From Bio Males

    Political ads inform voters about inequality of 'Equality Act'

    Video: Biden Supports Men in Women's Sports

    Media giddy over transgender 'girls' but more females braving backlash

    Kamala Harris wants guys to compete in girls' sports [PDF]

    Transgender Movement Threatens Future of Women's Sports

    High School Runner Who Lost to Transgender Athletes Will Compete in College

    28 Congressional Dems Sign Letter Calling for DOE To Let Bio Males In Women's Sports

    Trump Administration Shows Support for Female High School Track Athletes Involved in Transgender Case [PDF]

    These 2 Women Refuse to Be Stripped of Their Right to Fairness in Sports [PDF]

    Idaho State Track Athletes Want Transgender Lawsuit Tossed

    Judge Who Banned Calling Trans Athletes 'Male' Has A History Of Favoring Sexual Predators

    Reality cannot be undone: boys are boys, girls are girls

    Victory: Idaho Governor signs major bills derailing the transgender agenda, despite huge pressure by liberal establishment for veto

    DOJ against boys competing vs. girls as transgenders

    Idaho legislature passes bill blocking transgender athletes from girls sports [PDF]

    Read or Listen: Judge Commands ADF to Use "Trans" Term Laurie Higgins, IFI

    Related: Attorneys for Conn. High School Runners Ask Judge to Recuse after He Forbids Them from Describing Trans Athletes as 'Male' [PDF] and From World Net Daily [PDF]

    Alliance Defending Freedom case

    Biologically male runner to compete in USA women's Olympic trials [PDF]

    Three female students file lawsuit against Connecticut transgender-athlete policy [PDF]

    Trans Women Competing Against Real Women Is Cheating, Plain and Simple

    Biological Male Who Broke Two Female Competitors' Skulls Named "Bravest Athlete In History"

    Idaho Proposes New Bill To Keep Biological Males Out Of Girls' Sports

    New Hampshire Bill Would Limit Women's Sports to Biological Females [PDF]

    Read or Listen: The Big Fat Lie of Leftists Who Sexually Integrate School Locker Rooms

    Ministry backs bill to keep trans teens from competing vs. girls

    Tennessee bill would finally protect girls sports teams from boys identifying as female [PDF]

    Male Transjacking Will Ultimately End Women's Sports

    Video: Australian Transgender Athlete Highlights Huge Differences Between Men and Women

    Transgenderism and the Olympics

    Every Dem. 2020 Frontrunner Supports Bill Forcing Male Athletes Into Girls' Sports ]PDF]

    Trans athlete accused of 'dogging it' to avoid negative publicity

    117,000 sign petition supporting girl forced to compete with boys who say they're 'female' athletes [PDF]

    Trans Athletes Destroy The Meaning Of Women, Then Ask 'What Is A Woman?'

    Wake up!: The End of Women's Sports

    Read or Listen: E-Racing Women's Sports

    'Not complicated' to see what's wrong with this picture

    Donald Trump Jr. Says 'Sorry' to Female Athletes Who Lost to Transgender Cyclist in World Championship

    Trans male wins women's cycling world championship, calls critics bigoted losers [PDF]
    Also with video

    Ask female rugby players if 'sex' is same as perceived 'gender [PDF]

    After Losing on Men's Team For 3 Years, Biological Male Runner Will Now Compete Against Women in NCAA Race as

    Veteran runner witnessing 'trans-athletes' destroy female competition

    Feds looking into girls' complaint that pro-trans policy is unfair

    Listen: IL Human Rights Commission Mandates Co-Ed Locker Rooms in Public Schools

    Transgender weightlifter wins 'blatantly unfair' gold medals, qualifies for Tokyo Olympics [PDF]

    Democrats, Transsexuals, and Women's Sports

    Will the Equality Act squash girls' hopes for athletic scholarships?

    When girls' sports go nuts

    Backlash: Female Student Athletes Push Back Against Trans Policies In Connecticut

    Athletes file complaint over transgender policy - [JPG] - Story source1 - Story source2

    The Truth About Transvestite Weightlifters

    Run-of-the-mill as a man, champion as a 'woman'

    Man places 390th in men's hurdles, calls himself female, snatches women's NCAA national title

    Transgender powerlifter, stripped of world-record titles, says competing in special transgender category would be 'discrimination'

    Trans Sport and the Assault on Women

    With video: Out on the Street: Should Men Play in Women's Sports?

    With video: The Make-Believe World Of A Transgender Powerlifter

    With CT Video: - A High School Girl's Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport

    But first, victories, of a sort:
    'Transgender woman' stripped of victory in powerlifting competition

    Public not applauding 'transgender rights' in sports

    Tessa Johnson, a male who identifies as a female, just won his 10th gold medal of 2023 in a women's cycling

    Trans Competitors In Women's Sports Destroy What Women Have Won

    With Video: - Female Athletes Speak Out Against Transgender Athletes

    Video: - Former Olympic medalist: Female athletes afraid to speak out about males competing as women

    Trans weightlifter crushes world records See his picture

    High School Girl Beat by Transgender Athletes Speaks Out

    Transgender "woman" weightlifter takes world championship silver medals:
    'Nobody wanted "her" to win' [PDF]

    With video: Male Runners Continue Dominating Girls' High School Track in Conn.

    Transgender wins international women's weightlifting title ... come on!

    Woman Cyclist Cries Foul After Biological Male Wins Women's World Championship [PDF]- related - Biological Male Wins Women's World Cycling Championship [PDF]
    See video of the "race"

    Testosterone-Pumped Tranny Wrestler Wins State Title For 2nd Consecutive Year

    When a Man Set the Record for the Fastest Marathon Run by a Woman

    Why not? Man who 'never felt human' now lives his life as a dog in £2,000 fur suit

    Wait .. What?!!
    'I am otherworldly': Ex-transgender man, 33, who now identifies as an 'agender ALIEN' reveals they have had their nipples and eyebrows REMOVED to look 'less human

    With audio: Tampons in Boys' Bathrooms in Illinois Public Schools

    Parents Outraged After Man Who Identifies As Woman Assaults 10-Year-Old Daughter In Women's Bathroom, Gets Slap On The Wrist [PDF]

    What's Wrong With Being Transgender?

    14 Years After Becoming Transgender, Teacher Says 'It Was A Mistake'

    Graphic Video: Man who poses as a woman axe attacks people

    Truth too late for teens seeking a path to trans

    Confusion reigns: Feminist: Transgender Activism Is a 'Men's Rights Movement'

    Dear Trans People: If You Want to be Treated Normally, Stop Demanding Special Rights

    Trans-Black. Why not?

    'Transmania' and the subversion of masculinity

    The "Trans"-Identifying Pritzker Issues Ultimatum to GOP

    Transgender Theory Enables Child Abuse

    Pushback: Bishops fight church's transgender celebrations

    Transgender Theory Enables Child Abuse

    delusional: 'Gay' Man Knocks Up Transman 'Boyfriend'

    Read or Listen: The Grotesque Indecency and Arrogance of the "Trans" Cult

    Video: Gender confused man upset at a pronoun
    Related: Sorry, sir, but you are not a 'ma'am' [P]

    Transanity: Huh? Women's College to Accept Men 'Who Identify As Women' But Reject Women 'Who Identify As Men'

    Related: Women's college to admit male students posing as women

    Podcast: Which "Trans" Reality Matters? Biological or Phantasmical

    Stand by for a wave of male prison inmates claiming to be transgender females

    "Trans" Madness: De-Sexing the World

    College places menstrual products in men's restrooms in the name of inclusivity for transgender students [PDF]

    This Texas Mom Is Suing Her Ex-Husband For Refusing to Believe Their Son Is a Girl

    Why transgenderism is a political ideology and not 'gender identity'

    Now man faces threat to career for refusing to watch girl shower

    Supremes asked if schools can expose naked students to opposite sex

    School has 17 children changing gender as teacher says vulnerable pupils are being 'tricked' into believing they are the wrong sex

    Male Teacher Threatened With Leave For Refusing to Supervise a Female Student Changing In the Boys' Locker Room

    Male Teacher Disciplined for Refusal to Supervise Girl in Boys' Locker Room

    Former "Transgenders" Talk About De-"Transitioning"

    Canadian Trans 'Woman' Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing to Wax Him

    Looks like we need a new letter - lgbtqD:
    Transgender man identifies as a DOG and says chasing sticks and playing on all fours has brought him closer to his husband - Video

    55 of 67,000 Members of American Academy of Pediatrics Devise Destructive "Trans" Policy

    Transwoman LIVID a Bank Froze His Accounts Because He 'Sounded Like a Man' On the Phone

    Pole-Dancing for Preschoolers

    The dangers of 'trangender' hormone therapy

    Is ANYONE Affected by "Trans" Deviance? [PDF]

    Trans agenda lives on despite flawed studies

    Guy says he 'identifies as a woman' to legally save a bundle on car insurance. Libs mad at their own laws.

    Check your DNA and hormones at the door
    'Lesbian feminist' transitions to male, accused of 'mansplaining,' 'heterosexual privilege'

    The Transgender Mind-Body Split Destroys the Law

    Study finds health risks for transgender "women" on hormone therapy

    Feminists Clash with Transgenders at London Pride Parade [PDF]

    CNN Father's Day Article Claims a Man 'Gave Birth' To - and Breastfed - His Son

    Michael Brown - When Parents Push Back Against What I Call 'Transanity' [P]

    Clearly in need of help and counseling, but doctors and pastors not allowed to suggest a way out of the lifestyle: Chelsea Manning Tweets Suicide Note and Picture of "Herself" on Ledge of a Tall Building

    This keeps getting more and more bizarre!
    Caitlyn Jenner 'to marry transgender student 47 YEARS her junior' as it's revealed she 'hasn't met' Khloe and Kim's babies

    Transgender inmate sues to practice witchcraft at notorious all-male N.C. prison

    The Trials and Tribulations of the Transgenders

    30 minutes matters but biology does not?

    PA college student banned from class for saying there are only two genders [PDF]
    The real Gender Fairy - A man, obviously trying to act like a woman, speaking in a false higher voice, waving arms around effeminately, admits hormone side effects, clearly something disturbing. Student banned for observing these truths. See for yourself:

    Applauding mental illness in liberal Massachusetts

    Big Brother Is Coming for Your Kids, and He's Wearing a Dress

    Clearly a sickness - Disturbed woman, becoming a male lizard

    He->"she" wants to be called "they" - (Trans) Swampscott principal out on leave [PDF]

    Ohio Parents Lose Custody Of Their Transgender Wannabe Teenager

    'Trans-Fluid' Student Gets Kicked Off the Boys' Basketball Team After Using Girls' Bathrooms

    'Trans-Age' Child Rapist Claims He's a 9-Year-Old Boy Stuck In a Man's Body

    "Trans"-ing the Little Ones

    Things You Don't Hear About Gender Dysphoria

    Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

    Transgenderism IS Child Abuse [PDF]

    Former transgender warns of 'great harm'

    MA throws common sense out of bathroom

    What could go wrong here? - 50 kids per week referred to sex UK change clinics [PDF]

    Sick, video: - Trans Artist Turns 200 Gallons of Urine Into an Art Exhibit Against Trump

    Transgender on trial for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom [PDF]
    Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom [P]

    Pediatrician drops a bomb on idea that transgenderism is real - completely destroys it with truth - With video

    Man thinks he's a woman, running for office, has campaign video showing him putting on make-up and taking drugs, one of which is Estradiol (estrogen) as he says, "This is just who I am." Dem transgender candidate with shocking new ad Did his DNA change?
    Video only - Watch video portion only

    Former transgender: It's insane to ignore mental illness

    Chelsea Manning aghast! Canada bans ex-intel analyst for 'treason' [P]

    Teacher with issues - 5th-grade teacher: 'My prefix is Mx. (pronounced Mix)' [P]

    Barber: 'Homo-fascism' killed a GA Tech student

    4 crucial details the anti-cop Left is ignoring about the GA Tech police shooting [PDF]

    LGBTQ affirmation of his behavior and denial of counseling, not society, are responsible for this man's death: - A troubled (suicidal) Georgia Tech ("intersex" & "non-binary") student called 911 on himself, and now he's dead. [PDF]

    Doctors Without Morals - Abusing Children:
    Kids can now get sex change hormones even younger. Here's why. [PDF]

    This 12-Year-Old boy said he wanted to be a girl. 2 years later, changing His Mind.

    Boy Who Began Sex Change at Age 12 Changes His Mind 2 Years Later [PDF]

    Transgender AND Transager: 52 Year-Old Father Lives as a 6 Year-Old Girl

    Proof: - Parents aid and abet Transgender children

    Pediatric expert calls kindergarten transgender lesson 'psychological abuse'

    Matt Walsh:
    Kids are only 'transgender' because the adults in their lives make them that way [PDF]

    Switching gender 3 times? This will break your mind! - Deep psychological disorder

    Transgender Suicides: What to Do About Them

    Sexual deviancy symptom of deeper mental issues:
    Woman imprisoned for pretending to be a man while having sex

    Mother admits deep mental problems - The "Trans" Ideology Damages Children [PDF]

    The True Bradley 'Chelsea' Manning Story is Stranger Than Fiction

    Trannys can't get dates? Heterosexual men like heterosexual women ... that's NOT discrimination! [PDF]

    How sick: Straight men should 'work through' non-attraction to transgender women [PDF]

    Why kids are pushed toward transgenderism - "Social justice" activism

    Soldiers plead for release from 'transgender training'

    Woman guilty of using fake penis and tricking friend into having sex with her [PDF]

    Body Blitz Spa denies transgender woman service due to 'male genitalia' policy (w/video)

    Media Buries Reason Girl Who 'Looks Like A Boy' Was Kicked Out Of Soccer Match

    Matt Walsh: Please, leftists, explain how this 'transgender' madness empowers women

    Child Abuse - Father of 3 year old claims to be a woman, wants her to call him "mom"

    De-transitioning - California fights man's request for 'male' on birth certificate

    Bathroom Bill Opponent Says Angry Activist Attacked Him At Private Event [PDF]

    Science with an agenda

    The Transgender Suicide Rate Isn't Due To Discrimination

    Five examples of transanity

    Mother and Son Become Father and Daughter

    Former "Transgenders" Talk About De-"Transitioning" [PDF]

    The depth of mental issues: Transgender vs. Transsexual: What's the Difference?

    I'm Sorry, But Caitlyn Jenner Is a Man Wearing a Dress [P]

    Pa. ex-con in castration case arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot judge [PDF]

    Transgender murderer moved from women's prison 'after having sex with female inmates'

    Transgender crazy-making: Doctors urged not to call pregnant women 'expectant mothers' [PDF]

    Gender abuse could become publicly mandated child abuse

    Pediatrician group speaks out against National Geographic's 9-year old 'trans' cover [PDF]

    Parody, or Reality? The Trans-Truth [PDF]

    Texas judge halts federal transgender health protections

    AFA: Maybe it's not wise to celebrate mental illness?

    DC's Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert

    Transgender flight from reality

    Danhof wins a battle in war over what is 'hate'

    Bathroom access: Obama's fraud upon America

    'Irresponsible' bathroom ruling imperils kids

    Science and time vs. transgender youth

    School Drops Transgender Bathroom Policy After Child Sexually Assaulted [PDF]

    Need some help catching creeps, Target?

    How sick is this? Tampons coming to men's rooms at Brown University -"not all people who menstruate are women"

    Scott Lively: Transgenderism and the collapse of social order [P]

    10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family's Worst Enemy [P]

    There's No Way I'll Send My Kids To Public School To Be Brainwashed By The LGBT Lobby

    Macy's fires man for views on transgender in ladies' room

    Target transgender voyeur had recorded other girls undressing: Police

    Target's policy of men in women's areas creates yet another problem [PDF]

    Transgender (man pretending to be a woman) Arrested for Alleged Voyeurism at Target

    Lifeguard in hot water - for guarding life

    Target, you were warned this would happen

    State leader quits ACLU after daughters were 'visibly frightened' by men using women's restroom [PDF]

    ACLU boss quits after daughters encounter men in bathroom

    Candid truth about America's battle for the bathroom

    Megachurch pastor preaches God made '2, not 3' genders

    Obama's Bathroom Bill, and Fox's Megan Kelly is clueless

    Rush shreds N.C. paper: Girls should 'get over' men's genitals?

    Wrapping mental illness in the American flag

    'Peeping Tom' reported in Target dressing room

    Target goes officially insane

    Transgender Woman Exercised Husband to Death

    'Do your job': The left just got its very own version of Kim Davis

    The reality of opening up women's bathrooms, locker rooms to sexual predators

    The Transgender Movement and "Gender Identity" in the Law

    'Transgender' conditioning is 'child abuse'
    American College of Pediatricians Gender Ideology Harms Children

    Is the LGB - T House of Cards falling apart?

    Transgender reassignment dangers - When the Reprive is only temporary

    Franklin Graham: NC transgender bill 'wicked, filthy'

    FRANKLIN IN THE MORNING: LGBT triumph: Sex change now forced on toddlers

    One person who is a rare, true "transgender," born with male and female organs, with a legitimate right to sex-assignment surgey. But, then, wait! Becoming a porn star? Clearly in need of psychological help. But, wait again! Professionals are being denied by the LGBTQ community the right to offer that help:
    Michael Phelps' 'Intersex' Girlfriend Attempts Suicide, Blames Swimmer For Being 'Ashamed' Of Her

    A small victory: Parent beats 1st-grade transgender ed. ... for now

    Gender-confused children are just that - confused

    Trauma to unsuspecting man who killed tranny ignored

    Teacher wrongly terminated for refusing to address a 6-year-old girl as a transgender boy

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  • Reality of the DeathStyle - Deeper Psychological & Health Problems at Work:

    Homopox - disgusting behavior leads to infection:
    A Preschool Teacher's Disturbing Social Media Gets Him Barred from Job

    This is who they are, what they do:
    'Trans Gamer Girl': The Suspect That Tried to Murder Brett Kavanaugh [P]
    Pro-abort, sick, lives for sex perversion

    Keep Objecting to Homosexuality: 4 Good Reasons

    In the words of the United Church of Christ: God is still speaking

    "God is still speaking. At the very least, that requires us to still be listening."
    Sound advice, do you agree?
    UCC was hearing God say: That Jesus didn't turn people away, and neither would the UCC. No human label - straight, gay, white, black, Hispanic, disabled or anything else - would be a barrier to membership in a UCC.
    Such a perversion of Jesus' words. He accepted all, but NEVER affirmed sinful behavior
    Notice how they mix sexual preference with immutable traits like race and disability. The UCC, as do many churches, welcomes homosexuals, or anyone on the "H" spectrum, but the difference is that the UCC affirms the behavior, where real Christian churches pray that the homosexual repents, "Go and sin no more," as it is.
    That brings us to:

    Syphilis Soars in the US

    Syphilis cases in the US have risen to the highest level since the 1950s, according to new data on sexually transmitted infections released yesterday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    From the CDC:
    Syphilis Soars in the US
    How common is syphilis?
    Syphilis case reports continue to increase since reaching a historic low in 2000 and 2001. During 2021, there were 176,713 new cases of syphilis (all stages). Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) are experiencing extreme effects of syphilis. They account for 36 percent of all primary and secondary (P&S) syphilis cases in the 2021 STD Surveillance Report. They also account for 47 percent of all male P&S cases.
    What is the link between syphilis and HIV?
    In the United States, about half of MSM with P&S syphilis also have HIV. Additionally, MSM who are HIV-negative and diagnosed with P&S syphilis are more likely to get HIV in the future. Genital sores caused by syphilis make it easier to transmit and acquire HIV infection sexually. The risk of acquiring HIV increases if exposure to that infection occurs when syphilis is present. Furthermore, syphilis and other STDs might indicate ongoing behaviors and exposures that place a person at greater risk for acquiring HIV.
    Data source: the CDC

    The consequences of the pollution of the nation's blood supply

  • I lost my mum, dad and baby sister to HIV in infected blood scandal

  • PM apologises after infected blood scandal cover-up

  • The Inquiry Report

    'Trans Women' Taking Hormones Are More Likely to Suffer 'Severe' Health Conditions [P]

    Lady, who's married to another lesbian,
    poster child for mental issues related to gender bending

    Over Half of 'Trans Women' in Jail in Wisconsin Have Been Convicted of Sex Crimes [P]

  • Boston Children's Hospital Gender Clinic - Here's what's really happening to children and teenagers!

  • Lesbian "trans therapist" reveals how screwed up the whole Trans thing is

  • Christianity and transgenderism are wildly incompatible:
    Ready Yourself for the 2024 Storms [PDF]

  • Nashville Transgender Shooter Plotted Christian School Attack For Months [P]

  • Is "LGBTQ" Driving Rising Teen Mental Health Disorders?

  • Is "LGBTQ" Driving Rising Teen Mental Health Disorders?

    Liberal Filmmaker Slams 'Gender-Affirming' Care After Son Came Out as Transgender [P]

  • The Trouble with Gays Against Groomers and Conservatives, Christians and Pro-family Activists

  • Even after cutting up her body, people still see her as a woman

  • New Data on Monkeypox Will Probably Create More Confusion Due to Political Correctness [P]
    Since the outset of the global monkeypox outbreak in May, public health and infectious disease experts have told the public that the virus is largely transmitting through skin-to-skin contact, in particular during sex between men.
    Now, however, an expanding cadre of experts has come to believe that sex between men itself - both anal as well as oral intercourse - is likely the main driver of global monkeypox transmission.

  • CDC warns of rise in drug-resistant Shigella bacteria causing strong illness

  • WHO Says Monkeypox Is Spreading Through Homosexual Activity Among Men

    Rampant Homosex=monkeypox: What Doctors Are Hearing from Monkeypox-Infected Gay Men Exposes Liberal Health Hypocrisy [PDF]

    Satanic Temple head: 'More than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ'

    They love to point out historical persons who are some form of "H." They never seem to mention the crazy ones, though. Henry Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey
    Textbook case of mental and emotional issues

    Indoctrination, pure and simple. Homogenous groups deep into sex-ed while admitting mental issues amongst gender confused youth Commission on LGBTQ Youth urges Massachusetts to increase sex ed in schools and boost mental health access

    Video: Hi-Rez anti-Woke Rap song: 2+2=5

  • Settled Science? Trans-lies are not science!

    Vanderbilt Med. Center's 'transgender' program built on money, power

  • Bill Maher Sounds the Alarm on Exploding LGBT Numbers: 'We're Literally Experimenting on Children'

  • Health officials warn of 'large' outbreak of serious bacterial illness in Florida [PDF]

  • CDC Alert Meningococcal Disease Outbreak, Florida, 2022

  • Former Northwestern professor Wyndham Lathem found guilty of murder

  • Trial of former NU professor accused of grisly River North murder expected to start
  • Bella Thorne reveals she's pansexual: What does it mean?

  • As Loudoun schools sought to pass a controversial transgender policy in June, it concealed that a 9th-grade girl was allegedly raped by a "gender fluid" student in a school bathroom just 3 weeks prior

  • A Victory for Truth: Transgender Study Corrected
    Trans surgey does not improve mental health

  • Suddenly gay? Not "Born that way" - Oh, but not a choice:
    Elizabeth Smart's Father on Coming Out as Gay, Leaving Mormon Church

  • The complications from sex reassignment surgery are horrific - but in today's trans-activist world, we can't talk about this

  • So screwed up: LGBTQ+ Blood Donors

    AFA Radio, Listen: Life is like football, all things are "binary," including sex and gender

    Harvey Milk exposed. Prohomos incorrectly hold up Milk as a victim of "homophobic" violence, when his sick sexuality was not the motive for his killing. Similarly, Matthew Shepard (drug deal gone wrong), Jesse Smollett (lied about 'attack') and David Kato (done in by his homosexual lover) are propped up as such victims.
    Now the U.S. Navy, by an Obama appointee, wants to name a ship after a pederast? The Post Office already made a Harvey Milk stamp and Obama posthumously awarded pederast Milk the Presidential Medal of Freedom, forever dishonoring the significance of that medal.
    Read or Listen: Military Honors Pederast Harvey Milk

    "Nex" Benedict - Another False Flag. Death blamed on fight but ruled suicide
    We Know How a Transgender Student Died Following a School Bathroom Brawl [P]

    Biden's Statement on the Death of OK Trans Teen Is Everything You'd Expect It to Be [P]

    Read or listen: What Our Taxes Subsidize (Warning-It's Creepy)

    Yale's "Trans" Research Discredited and Retracted

    Homocritical Tasteless LGBT Activists, Publication Jeer At People Who Died From Coronavirus

    Speaking truth and love in a science-denying culture

    Exploiting Child Suicide To Bully Parents Of Trans Kids Is The Ultimate Science Denial

    CDC disease, suicide stats: No shame from PBS over 'Prideland' propaganda

    Read or listen: This American Life of Sexual Perversity

    Gay Marriage Was Always Leading To Polygamy

    Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes [PDF]

    LGBT Activists Shouldn't Encourage Teens To Use Grindr App Complicit In Gruesome Murder

    World AIDS Day Propaganda tool ignores the truth

    Just as they recruit young people into the death style, now they're recruiting QBT's to deliberately get AIDS
    Progressive rag editor encourages people to have sex with HIV positive partners [PDF]

    New Data Show "Gender-Affirming" Surgery Doesn't Really Improve Mental Health. So Why Are the Study's Authors Saying It Does?

    Why My Wife And I Decided To Abort Our Unborn Gay Son

    Using the "homophobic" defense"
    US executes gay man who said trial tainted by homophobia

    God is still speaking - UCC, you should LISTEN to God, not USE Him
    Meet the group injured most by ban on counseling against gayness [PDF]

    First case of dengue spread by sex confirmed in Spain

    Does LGBTQ Cultural Supremacy Enable High-Risk Behavior?

    "World AIDS Day" vs. the Truth

    Video: Drug maker reveals the truth about health hazards of homosexual life

    Media trying to excuese Katie Hill's behavior away:
    MSNBC Guest: Dems Follow House Ethics on Sexual Misconduct More Than the GOP

    Homosexual Democrats must be so proud!
    Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on 'wife sharing' sites

    Obvious mental problems not solved by sex change
    'I was suicidal at age seven': Transgender teen on her painful transition into adulthood and how she still finds physical intimacy difficult

    Miley Cyrus, Marie Osmond, similar lesbian feeling causes and outcomes, but different
    "When I was about eight or nine, I actually thought I was gay," Marie said. "The reason is because I had been sexually abused to the point that men made me sick. I didn't trust them, I didn't like them."

    "Partner problems?" Rosie O'Donnell and "fiancée," Worcester Police Officer Elizabeth Rooney, split up a year after engagement The comments are priceless

    No drop in ho-mental suicides where "gay marriage" is in
    LaBarbera: Lies can't redefine truth

    LGBTQ Wrongly Assumes Authority To Dictate Our Words

    Researchers test facial recognition technology on transgender women - it says they're men

    Privacy in Bathrooms Going, Going, Soon Gone

    Read or Listen Imagine A Revision of Greta Thunberg's Screed

    Media puts positive spin on latest 'gay gene' study

    George Michael
    George Michael 'was HIV positive' claims ex Fadi Fawaz's Twitter account

    "Partner problems?"
    Fadi Fawaz is dramatically arrested after 'smashing up George Michael's mansion'

    Are people finally waking up?
    Acceptance of gay sex in decline in UK for first time since Aids crisis

    Evil on parade. No question this is satanic blasphemy

    Recruitment: Sexually using children - obvious recruitment

    EVIL MUTILATION Mum and lesbian lover tear off 9-year-old son's penis then behead him 'as he reminded her of her dad

    Just Like Female Genital Mutilation, Transgender Chest-Binding Is Barbaric

    PETER BUTTigieg

    What a phony - sexual orientation and Biden job both messed up
    Clown Show: Pete Buttigieg 'Bikes' To Work After SUVs Drive Him Part Of The Way

    You can bet on the gender of the pornography victims here!
    LGBTQ-Activist Dem Mayor, 'Mentored' by Buttigieg, Arrested for Vile Charge [P]

    Pete Buttigieg Tried to Block Pro-Life Pregnancy Center From Opening

    Peter->Buttigieg Blames the Violence on Trump [PDF] | Story source, [P]

    With video: Defends Abortion Up to Birth and Infanticide: "It Should be Up to the Woman"

    Wrong about Religion, Homosexuality, and Abortion

    And yet Notre Dame 'thrilled' to hire pro-abortion homosexual Pete Buttigieg. Faithful Catholics dismayed

    Pro-Life Group Wants Pete Buttigieg Investigated Over Ties to Abortionist Who Kept 2,246 Aborted Babies

    MicroAgressions, Snowflake Peter BUTTigieg top issue:
    Microaggression Survey Shows 'Elite Narcissism' Of Democrats

    Psychology professor surveys college students on what triggers them. Trump comes up a lot.

    Read or listen: Limbaugh Gives Judgmental, Intolerant "Progressives" the Fake-Vapors-Again

    Michael Brown: Mayor Pete sits in judgment of God [PDF]

    Laurie Higgins, Read or listen:
    Buttigieg's Shameful Political Exploitation of a Child

    Laurie Higgins, Read or listen:
    Limbaugh Gives Judgmental, Intolerant "Progressives" the Fake-Vapors-Again

    Watch him trash the Bible - Is this the Devil speaking?

    Dr. Michael Brown: I will say what the political leaders cannot say about Pete Buttigieg

    Pro-Life Group Wants Pete Buttigieg Investigated Over Ties to Abortionist Who Kept 2,246 Aborted Babies

    Pete Buttigieg: Life Begins At Breath

    Read/listen: Pete Buttigieg: Fool or Wolf in Lamb's Clothing? Skews Bible for his needs

    Mayor Pete and his partner are the perfect poster boys for the gay agenda:
    Why Time magazine loves Pete Buttigieg

    Why Will No Reporter Ask Mayor Pete these Questions? [PDF]

    Health hazards of HBT deathstyle:
    Newsweek Hit Piece Attacks and Slanders Me Because of My Question to Pete Buttigieg! [PDF]

    Pete Buttigieg Is Right That Christians Need To Be Rebuked - But someone who lives in sexual immorality and supports abortion right up until birth is quite obviously the wrong person to do it

    PETER BUTTigieg: Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How "Gay" Are You?

    Buttigieg called out by brother-in-law, claims 2020 candidate lies about his family for sympathy and politics [PDF]

  • Read & Listen: Harming Children from Toddlerhood to Adulthood

    The 'brutal reality' of male homosexual behavior

    Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez Says it's Necessary to Discuss the Biological Realities of the Homosexual Lifestyle In Order to Help People Get Set Free From it
    With Podcast, jump to 18 minute mark

    LGBTQ: Forcing Us To Embrace Their Destructive Lifestyle

    Elton John:
    Elton John - Mental issues - decades of substance abuse. sympton: Gender confusion [PDF]

    A Sexual Deviant As America's Next President?

    News Flash: Sodomy is Gross, and Grossly Wrong

    Convention at major U.S. hotels showcases extreme sexual depravity

    Stop Your Whining, LGBTQ People. You're Actually the Most Privileged Among Us!

    New Evidence Indicates Cross-Sex Hormones Trigger Major Heart Problems

    With video: 'I ripped the condom, I got you': Victim reveals the horrific moment the 'HIV hairdresser' phoned to gloat about deliberately infecting him with the virus

    Lesbian and bisexual women more likely to be overweight than straight women, study finds - They needed a "study" for this?

    A life style and practice that is not meant to be!
    The origin & spread of HIV/AIDS - promiscuous homosexual lifestyle is squarely to blame

    Don't watch this if you just had a soda: Oh, you must be so "proud"

    SexInfo Online - Supposedly a sex-ed resource but top-heavy with homosexual topics
    College run website obviously cobbled together by homosexuals as a recruitment tool
    Encourages same-sex play? - the real reason for the perverted article, which has been removed from the college website:
    Public university hosts website encouraging parents to let kids participate in 'sexual play'
    See also
    Sad but true: The lifestyle is not about normalcy. It's all about sex, as much sex that can be had. The pro-homosensual paper from San Francisco inadvertently reveals a godless world in Toronto of bathhouses, X-rated video stores, sex workers, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and "gay" bars, in an enclave called Gay Village. Homoerotic choking violence was the order of the day in this modern Sodom. Targets of opportunity are all too common in this world, but it's not always men seeking children. Sometimes it's men seeking to harm or kill. Is this the end result of the homosexual agenda gone wild? -- Pray for our world. PDF version
    Gay men kept vanishing on the streets of Toronto. Now, a serial killer has confessed

    Several realities here in the Poster Child for abusive lesbian relationships, or "partner problems," as they sugar-coat them:

    This is what they do:

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    Sound familiar? The man who attacked Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl:
  • Was molested as a teen (What happened to "born that way?")
  • Claims to be "bi-sexual," (doesn't sound as bad as "homosexual")
  • A single "father" rasing, you guessed it, a boy
  • Triggered by pedophilia remarks (He doth protest too much?)
    We Now Know Why Dave Chappelle Was Attacked During Performance [P]
    All serving to prove that gender mix-ups are not what you do or who you are, they are symptoms of deeper psychological issues. Abuse leads to the lifestyle, much like bullying

    Bestiality Taught in Australian School's "Queer" Sex Class

    Founders of LGBTQ youth group under investigation for sexual exploitation [X]

    Perversion of the Pledge of Allegiance, Indoctrination, pledge to the rainbow flag

    The Sin of Pride Parades: Cesspools for grooming and recruitment

    How they single out victims for recruitment. Find kids with issues with parents: Photo reveals the truth behind thier motives

    Dem Staffer Busted for Having Gay Sex in Senate Hearing Room [P]
    More, with graphic video

    When 1 student with an identity problem feels uncomfortable in school, the entire system has to change and everyone else has to conform to their delusion.
    But, when many normal people feel uncomfortable, that's too bad:

    A male teacher who identifies as nonbinary likes to wear tight dresses to school so his bulge sticks out X

    Article reveals sexual abuse charges, but sugar-coats his personality:
    Actor and Drag Star Shangela Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

    Drag Queen 'Shangela' who was invited by Kamala Harris to the White House to celebrate Pride Month was just accused of multiple sexual assaults

    Natalie Pershall, a man pretending to be a woman was just sentenced to 6 years probation, 87 days in jail, and must register as a sex offender for taking pictures of females in the women's bathroom of his company's office. [X]

    Prominent LGBTQ activist Trey Farmer arrested on child porn charges. [X]

    Drag Queen dances on table in school, cartwheels to expose underwear
    Parent addresses school board. DQ tells kids to pick a DQ name [X]

    $1M of your tax dollars to go towards renovating an LGBTQ Center in PA which boasts rooms to try BDSM and sex fetishes X

    Regina Mai Allen (aka Ringo Valentine), an outspoken trans-nonbinary activist was arrested on child sex crime charges for distributing, possessing, and viewing child pornography.

    OSU Sex Week is a Sleazy DEI Joke


    Ex-President of Canadian LGBTQ+ Pride Organization Faces Charges for Child Sexual Exploitation and Possession, Distribution of Child Abuse Material

    Trans Activist Arrested for Raping Two Children Under the Age of 12

    As if the pronoun madness has been around forever: WOKE teacher: ask students' permission to use their preferred name and pronouns in front of their parents

    Friend of Butthegiggles and Pelosi:
    Ex-Maryland Democrat Mayor Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison from 150-Year Plea Deal for Child Porn Case Involving Over 500 Victims [PDF]

    Proof of underlying mental issues:
    Elementary Substitute Teachers Cited for Prostitution After Undercover Sting [P]

    Porn in Western Massachusetts schools:
    Sen. John Kennedy Read parts of books some say should not be banned in libraries:
    Caution! X-rated text from childrens book are read, Explicit!

    Drag queen teacher guided students to his sexual drag content on social media

    All part of recruiting:
    He thinks teachers shouldn't refer to students as "boys and girls" because it forces a gender on them and they might be queer.

    Woman in NJ Prison Files Lawsuit: She Was Sexually Assaulted By Transgender Inmate [PDF]

    Stopping The Predators

    Ottawa Perv Festival - Dildo ring-toss game

    Let the Grooming Begin

    VA School Superintendent Indicted for Covering Up Campus Rape Amid Trans Bathroom Controversy

    What they do:
    Mayor of Burbank gets spanking from drag queen in front of children at campaign event

    What they do:
    A drag queen PRINCIPAL with a history of sex crimes?

    What they do:
    Missouri Dept of Health investigating Starbucks barista with diaper fetish after he filmed himself dispensing whipped cream into his diaper

    What they do - Strippers in front of children:
    Video of Child on Stripper Pole With Half-Naked Woman at "Pride" Event Causes Outrage

    Child Porn Offender KBJ Sentenced to Just 3 Months Continued Searching Pictures of Children After Release

    Homosexual women slang terms to watch for in schools

    Audio Reveals How Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs [PDF]

    J. Rosenbaum, shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, was a convicted homosexual pedophile
    Rittenhouse Use of Force Against a Pedophile Who 'Tried to Touch the Wrong Minor' [P]

    Pederast snagged, man prefers 14 year-old boys [PDF]

    Book store successful because of huge demand of perverse material:
    These grandparents sold gay porn for decades and almost went to prison.
    Now, they are calling it quits

    KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous Died from Overdose on Crystal Meth After Inserting Drug into His An.. [PDF]

    A Gay Councilman in Texas, Ousted From Office, Says He Was Blackmailed With Naked Photos [PDF]

    Note typical article that doesn't mention man-boy relation until end paragraphs
    Delta Airlines launches investigation of male flight attendant after clips of his mile-high romp with porn star Austin Wolf in the plane's lavatory

    Bryon Hefner:
    Bryon Hefner, estranged husband of former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg, gets probation in sex assault case

    Bryon Hefner, estranged husband of former Senate President Stan Rosenberg, considering plea deal in sexual assault case

    Sexual assault, nude photo charges against Bryon Hefner will be heard in separate trials

    Abused as a child, tough father, became homosexually inclined:
    Aaron Hernandez 'had sexual relationship with high school quarterback'

    Don't Blame Repressed Homosexuality For Aaron Hernandez's Crime

    A. Hernandez left suicide notes for his jailhouse LOVER & for his fiancee & 4 daughter

    LGBT journalist arrested for 'sending death threats to self

    Expand and read the comments - People are not fooled by the anti-bully rhetoric. There's probably much more to this story than is reported:
    A 9-Year-Old Colo. Boy's Death by Suicide Highlights Challenges Facing LGBTQ Kids

    But of course, drugs. Mystery? Not really - Mystery surrounds gay porn star found dead, aged 21, as scammers set up fake Go Fund Me accounts to 'pay for funeral costs'

    Like many other talented artists, died of AIDS at 36. His life is called "androgyny of the glam" - "tragic gay" glam-rocker Jobriath - They can't see the forest for the trees

    Video: No end to the homosexual perversion

    Video: Saturday Night Live unwittingly reveals the truth about the mental disconnect of the homosexual life style

    Study: Almost half of gay men abused by their partners [PDF]

    Ironic, clueless Newspaper - Supports "Pride" Then this

    Mom accuses pope of cover-up of son's sex abuse

    HomoBondage sickness - "He was in a primary "coupled" relationship 1978 until 1992, at which time his partner passed away. He currently has primary relationships with three men, and has been in a relationship with each of them for more than 18 years."
    Death in a Hollywood Sex Dungeon: How a Top Agency Executive's "Mummification" Ritual Ended in Tragedy

    Accepting, Including, Embracing, and Sharing Deviance

    What could go wrong? Man jailed for life after deliberately infecting men with HIV

    Is it really fossil fuels? Gay Activist Lights Himself On Fire, Dies To Protest Global Warming

    Parents lose custody of minor teen who wants to 'transition'

    Senior AIDS official arrested for trying to molest young boy

    Convicted Sex Offender Identified As Third Victim In Washington Train Wreck

    Famous director of 'Usual Suspects' and 'X-Men' sued for alleged rape of 17-year-old boy

    Gay Porn Kingpin Lucas: Muslim Homophobia Becoming 'Very Inconvenient' for Liberals

    Read, note what's missing from headline - Sex diseases in US surge to record high

    "Goes too far?" - Isn't this who they are and what they do?

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    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Health Hazards of the Homosexual Lifestyle

    Get the book: The Health Hazards of Homosexuality:
    What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals

  • The CDC, ironically celebrates LGBTQ then simutaneously reports the inherent dangers. Obviously pandering and condescending and promoting a lie while telling how bad it really is.

  • "CDC data show that lesbian, gay, and bisexual high school students are at substantial risk for serious health outcomes as compared to their peers."
  • "Were Physically Forced to Have Sexual Intercourse - The prevalence of having been forced to have sexual intercourse was higher among gay, lesbian, and bisexual (21.9%) than heterosexual (5.4%)"
  • "23% of LGB students who had dated or went out with someone during the 12 months before the survey had experienced sexual dating violence in the prior year"
  • "18% of LGB students had experienced physical dating violence"
  • "18% of LGB students had been forced to have sexual intercourse at some point in their lives.3"
  • "Based on the 2013 NHIS data, 96.6% of adult sidentified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual."
  • "gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men accounted for 83% of primary and secondary syphilis cases where sex of sex partner was known in the United States. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men often get other STDs, including chlamydia and gonorrhea infections."
  • 8 times more likely to have tried to commit suicide
  • 6 times more likely to report high levels of depression
  • 3 times more likely to use illegal drugs
  • 3 times more likely to have risky sex

    Sexual Risk Behaviors Can Lead to HIV, STDs, & Teen Pregnancy

    LGBT Youth

    Sexual Orientation and Health Among U.S.Adults [PDF]

    HIV and Gay and Bisexual Men - The Numbers

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Stigma and Discrimination

    Men Who Have Sex with Men

    CDC survey: More homosexual, questioning teens than ever [PDF]

    CDC: HIV treatment coming too late for many black Americans

    CDC report: Homosexual lifestyle extremely violent - Print this article (PDF)

    CDC: Half of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV - Print this article (PDF)

    Video: Drug maker reveals the truth about health hazards of homosexual life

    In other words, as the homosexually run United Church of Christ says,
    "God Is Still Speaking"

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    Pederasts and pedophiles

    Inside the LGBTQ Activist Pedophile Ring You Haven't Heard About
    Will This LGBTQ Pedophile Ring Face Federal Charges?
    How Did an Accused Child Rapist Adopt Two Children?
    What's Jail Like for Two Accused Child Rapists?

    Part 4 of a 4 part investigative series [P] | Part 3 of a 4 part investigative series [P]

    Part 2 of a 4 part investigative series [P] | Part 1 of a 4 part investigative series [P]

    Everything You Need to Know About [P] | Same article as above but with important video

    Pedophiles in Lovers' Quarrel, Could Turn on Each Other [P]
    When Exactly Did the Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring Start? [P]
    Accused Pedophiles Blab After Judge Warns Defendants to Zip It [P]

    Trivializing Trauma by Normalizing Pedophilia [PDF]

    The Homo-Roman-Empire - A first century artifact depicts sodomy and is celebrated by today's H community. But, it depicts an older man performing sodomy on a younger boy. Affirms the pedophile link, no?

    Read the article and see the photos of the silver cup [PDF]

    Sex before 8 - or it's too late!

    John Weaver, anti-Trump "Lincoln Project"
    Why The Lincoln Project Scrubbed One of Its Co-Founders from Its Website [P]

    Player in a Vocal Anti-Trump Group Could Be Engulfed in a Sex Scandal [P]

    Terry Bean
    Terry Bean and the HRC "Human Rights Campaign" scandal

    Kevin Spacey
    Kevin Spacey found Not Guilty of all charges

    Kevin Spacey's Trial Begins in London - Disgraced Academy Award Winner Faces a Dozen Criminal Charges [PDF]

    'Rent' actor expected to testify at Kevin Spacey sexual assault trial

    Accused Child Sexual Predator Kevin Spacey Cast in Film About Falsely Accused Child Sexual Predator

    Kevin Spacey sexual assault accuser dies ahead of trial [PDF]

    Prosecutors drop groping case against Kevin Spacey

    London police interviewed Kevin Spacey in May about sexual assault allegations from his time as head of The Old Vic theater

    Kevin Spacey Accuser Drops civil Lawsuit Accusing Actor of Groping
    criminal trial still on. Was there a payoff here?
    Civil lawsuit filed against Kevin Spacey in alleged sexual assault at Nantucket bar

    'Help me;' Court filings in Kevin Spacey case show text messages accuser sent during alleged sexual assault

    Wait .. What?? - But they said you're 'born that way!'
    Kevin Spacey's brother blames abusive father for behavior

    Sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey includes video evidence, Massachusetts State Police report says

    Kevin Spacey charged with sexually assaulting son of former WCVB anchor - [PDF]

    Video: - Too bad, he is a good actor

    How Kevin Spacey vanished off the face of the earth: Shamed star, 59, has not been seen for a YEAR amid claims he's on a Pacific island, in France or wearing disguises

    Spacey Hit With Sexual Battery Suit By Masseur Over "Extreme" 2016 Incident [PDF]

    Spacey rakes in movie money despite allegations

    Born that way, or a toxic childhood environment?
    Kevin Spacey's brother Randy Fowler says the actor is 'worse' than their Nazi rapist dad

    'I woke up and Kevin Spacey was lying in bed next to me'

    ABC tried to get away with mother of all spins on Spacey alleged child molestation [PDF]

    All the men who have accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct [PDF]

    Ex-TV anchor says Spacey assaulted her son

    George Takei - HellOOOooooooOO ...!!
    George Takei Spoke Glowingly About Being Molested as Young Teen by Older Man

    George Takei accuser alters details, but denies walking back assault claim

    George Takei Claims 'Russian Bots' Pushed His Sexual Assault Allegations [P]

    Former Male Model Accuses Star Trek Star George Takei Of Sexual Assault [P]

    'Star Trek' actor George Takei hit with sexual assault allegations [PDF]

    Sean Gravells: Ex-President of Canadian LGBTQ+ Pride
    Ex-President of Canadian LGBTQ+ Pride Organization Faces Charges for Child Sexual Exploitation and Possession, Distribution of Child Abuse Material

    Bruce Weber
    Photog Bruce Weber sexually exploited five male models, new lawsuit filed Friday claims

    Bruce Weber preyed on naive models, insiders claim

    Model harassment claims cloud Paris men's fashion week

    Male Models Say Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Sexually Exploited Them

    Brian Singer
    'Nobody Is Going to Believe You'

    Ed Buck Big Democrat Donor, Hillary's pal, serving up drugs and sodomy

    Ed Buck Convicted in Meth Overdose Deaths of Two Black Men [PDF]

    Disgraced Gay Donor Ed Buck Slapped With Four New Felonies In The Drug Deaths Of Two Black Men

    Video: Democratic donor charged in drug overdose deaths

    Officials detail drug overdose case against political donor

    Prominent Dem Donor And LGBT Activist Ed Buck Busted For Operating Drug House

    Michelle Malkin: Epstein, Bean & Buck - The Democratic donors' sex-creep club [PDF]

    Second Dead Man Found in Dem Mega-Donor's Home Died From Meth Overdose [P]

    Wrongful death suit filed against prominent Dem donor linked to deaths of two black men [PDF]

    Former gay porn star who died in Ed Buck's home told friends the Democrat donor was 'the f***ing devil' and a 'horrible man' before he was found dead

    Who is Ed Buck? The erratic life of the Democratic donor in whose home two dead men have been found 'I thought I was going to be the next to die at Ed Buck's house.'

    2nd man dies in home of Dem megadonor [P]

    Another Black Man Has Died in the Home of Democratic Donor Ed Buck

    Male prostitute dies of meth overdose at home of high-profile Democrat donor with an alleged 'kinky fetish' [PDF]

    Dems must be so PROUD!

    Dr. Richard Strauss:
    From the AP: The cost of sex abuse: Victims, schools take on settlements

    From NPR Radio: Ohio State Doctor Sexually Abused At Least 177 Male Students

    The Catholic Church

    Springfield diocese settles with man raped in 1960s by late Bishop Weldon

    Ex-Cardinal McCarrick charged in Wisconsin with sex abuse of 18-year-old

    "Gay" sex parties hosted by Drag Queen, at a Church, no less
    Vatican orders investigation into English cathedral 'sex party,' possible ties to bishop's resignation

    50 Italian priests declare their homosexuality in scandalous open letter

    Claim of sexual abuse of minor against Fr. Martineau 'credible,' says Bishop McManus

    Link between clergy sex abuse and homosexual priests 'can't be denied'

    12 Quotes Against Sodomy That Every Catholic (actually, everyone) Should Know [PDF]

    Phil Saviano, Catholic clergy abuse survivor and whistleblower, dies

    Pope Francis Supports Sodomy and Holy Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

    Former Rhode Island priest faces sexual assault charges

    Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick charged with sexually assaulting teen in Massachusetts

    O'Connell recalls alleged abuse by former Holyoke Catholic teacher

    Springfield diocese adds 40 names to list of accused sexual abusers

    Defrocked priest Richard Lavigne died as police prepared to charge him with murder in 1972 slaying of altar boy

    Bishop Weldon lawsuit against Springfield Diocese continues allegations of cover-ups by top officials

    Bishop Weldon accuser files lawsuit against Springfield diocese

    Pedophile priest Paul Shanley, key figure in Boston clergy sex abuse scandal, dead at 89

    Clergy sex abuse lawyer adds 3 to list of alleged perpetrators after settlement with Boston archdiocese

    Vicar general of Springfield diocese won't accept reappointment, says he was 'unfairly' portrayed in Weldon report

    Video, frank expose' of church's deep involvement It's those Bishops!

    Allegation of clergy sexual abuse cover-up filed against Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski

    Notre Dame 'thrilled' to hire pro-abortion homosexual Pete Buttigieg. Faithful Catholics dismayed

    Advocate for victims of clergy abuse calls for Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski to resign

    Springfield Diocese will institute series of reforms after sexual abuse claims against the late Bishop Christopher Weldon deemed credible

    Read the report: Investigation of sexual abuse allegations against former Springfield Bishop Christopher Weldon - Read the Report [96MB PDF]

    Report on sexual abuse allegations against late Springfield Bishop Christopher Weldon could prove pivotal

    Note gender of victims not mentioned. It's a good bet they were boys.
    Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield names 3 investigators for sexual abuse claims

    Priests in group shut down by Vatican accused of sex abuse

    9 Catholic priests, 1 church employee within Fall River Diocese accused of sexually abusing children decades ago

    Diocese of Fall River suspends retired Catholic priests James Buckley, Edward Byington over claims of child sex abuse

    'My intention is to pursue truth': Child sex abuse victim of convicted Brighton priest James Gillette encourages other survivors to come forward

    Hundreds of accused clergy left off church's sex abuse lists


    Bishop who investigated sex abuse accused of sex abuse

    Catholic priest jailed for abusing altar boy 27 years after fleeing to Morocco
    "he was a serial child molester who abused numerous young people over more than 30 years as a priest in New Mexico and Rhode Island."

    Vermont diocese list of credibly accused clergy shows 2 with Western Mass. ties; allegations against both were already public

    With Video Priest who appeared in The Exorcist accused of 'grooming and sexually abusing' student at Jesuit school

    Catholic dioceses in 4 New England states join third-party system for reporting misconduct by bishops

    Video: Guam's Catholics reckon with decades of sex abuse

    Ex-Cardinal Letters To Victims Of Alleged Sexual Abuse Show Signs Of Grooming [PDF]

    Unmarked buildings, quiet legal help for accused priests

    Xaverian Brothers, the order that runs five high schools in Massachusetts, say 34 members (men) were credibly accused of abusing children (boys, of course)

    French priest defrocked for abusing Scouts in landmark case

    Sex abuse claim against late Springfield bishop Christopher Weldon demonstrates challenge victims face

    Diocese: Sexual abuse allegations against late Bishop Weldon 'deeply troubling;' Bishop Rozanski to meet with alleged victim

    Diocesan board heard Bishop Weldon sexual abuse allegations, former member maintains

    5 Catholic priests charged in Michigan sex abuse investigation [PDF]

    Here's a switch, a Catholic Priest goes up against LGBT in Poland:
    Priest Kicks Sinful And Perverted Gays Out Of Mass - With Video

    But then there's all this:
    New York Archdiocese names 120 priests accused of sex abuse

    "Why did pedophilia reach such proportions?" Benedict writes, according to the Catholic News Agency. "Ultimately, the reason is the absence of God."
    Former pope contradicts Francis on clergy sex abuse

    Catholic University President Demands Buffalo Bishop's Resignation [PDF]

    Report: 400 Ill. Catholic clergy sexually abused children

    Cardinal Admits the Catholic Church Destroyed Sex-Abuse Files [PDF]

    French cardinal convicted of covering up sex abuse allegations

    Convicted Australian cardinal sued over alleged abuse

    Pope Francis' Summit On Clerical Sexual Abuse Was A Charade

    Webster woman alleges sexual abuse by nun, settles with Rochester diocese

    Statue of Polish Solidarity priest accused of pedophilia removed

    Note article doesn't mention victims are young boys, a common strategy to mask the link between homosexual men as pedophilia:
    Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley among church leaders in Vatican for sex abuse summit

    Perfect Storm: French court okays screening of film on priest's abuse of boy scouts

    Led to the lifestyle - 'It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.' Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out

    Not just men, lesbians, too! The horrifying, unspoken world of sexually abusive nuns

    Note the sex of the victims (male) is not mentioned until very end of article:
    Springfield Catholic Diocese received 15 clergy sex abuse reports in 2018

    N.J. Catholic dioceses release names of 188 priests and deacons accused of sexual abuse of children

    Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims

    Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay according to explosive new book which claims to uncover double lives of homophobic priests who use male prostitutes

    NY Times: Catholic Church in Texas Names Nearly 300 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse

    Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardinal

    Homosexuality in the Catholic Church

    Catholicism's 'final trial' before Jesus' return? [P]

    Homosexual pedophiles and pederasts become priests because they see 'targets of opportunity,' Does this mean all "blessings" they did to holy water, wine and wafers weren't real and have to be "recalled?"
    'Raise the Rainbow Flag, We Surrender'

    Episcopal Church
    Evil begets evil - They fall for homosexual marriage. 2 ho-ministers get married. They're steeped in child porn.
    In the initial stories, the nature of the porn was kept secret, but you could make a pretty good guess as to the sex of the victims in the pictures or videos. The press has a history of hiding criminal homosexual relationships because they don't fit the template of utopian, problem-free lives of the QBT community. The media is quick to identify genders when a heterosexual is involved.
    Eventually, since the FBI report was released and it was shown that the victims were boys, the follow-on stories contained that information, albeit written by different reporters.
    The FBI complaint can be read here - Caution - graphic description of evidence

    A news article that, by design, does not mention the gender of the victims in the headline and only slips it in at the end, if at all:
    Former Holyoke kindergarten teacher and Worcester rector Gregory Lisby sentenced to 6 years in prison for child (male) porn

    Former Holyoke kindergarten teacher (man 'married' to a man) gets six years for child porn

    Worcester priest Gregory Lisby pleads guilty to possessing child pornography

    Child Porn Suspect Arraigned in Federal Court [PDF]

    Episcopal Church in U.S. shrinking over same-sex marriage

    Gregory Lisby, Holyoke kindergarten teacher arrested on child pornography charges, was serving 2-year suspension from Episcopal church

    Gregory Lisby, kindergarten teacher and former rector accused of child pornography, to remain in custody

    Bishop suspended child porn suspect Rev. Gregory Lisby from Worcester's All Saints Episcopal Church in 2018 over 'inappropriate relationship'

    Gregory Lisby, hours after resigning as Holyoke kindergarten teacher, charged with possession of child pornography

    'I was accused of an awful crime': Kindergarten teacher Greg Lisby accused in child porn case sent 2:30 a.m. resignation email

    FBI child porn raid at Worcester church rectory leads to Holyoke kindergarten teacher's resignation

    Man "married" to a former male minister FBI child porn raid at Worcester church rectory leads to Holyoke kindergarten teacher's resignation

    The Boy Scouts
    Not a single mention of the Christian alternative, "Trail Life USA":
    Boy Scouts of America will change its name to Scouting America

    Boy Scouts Reaches Settlement with Sexual Abuse Victims Worth $850 Million [P]

    Boy Scouts of America reaches $850M agreement with sex abuse victims

    Former Boy Scout leader sentenced to 40 years for sexually assaulting six young men

    Over 82,000 People Have Filed Abuse Claims Against Boy Scouts

    Videos: - 'The Ugliness:' Ex-Scouts recount stories of abuse, 100,000 cases

    Boy Scouts Files For Bankruptcy As It Faces Hundreds Of Sex-Abuse Claims

    'Largest Pedophile Ring on Earth': Abuse Lawyers First Case Against Boy Scouts [PDF]

    Boy Scouts of America eye bankruptcy as flood of new sex abuse cases surface, including victims in Massachusetts

    Thousands of Former Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations

    More on Boy Scout perversion

    Other Pederasts and pedophiles. "Targets of Opportunity"

    A man from Provencetown? Who would have thought?
    Cape Cod man accused of sexually assaulting boy in restroom arrested

    Founders of LGBTQ youth group under investigation for sexual exploitation [X]

    Twice-deported illegal arrested for sexually abusing minors

    Taunton man, 34, raped his 14-year-old godson, performed oral sex



    Group of Men Sexually Abused Toddlers in a Houston Mall Bathroom [P]

    Mother of Holyoke Community Charter School student sues over alleged sexual misconduct by teacher with her 8-year-old son

    LGBT Activist Teacher ARRESTED On Charges Of Raping Boy [PDF]

    Jury finds Carlos Vieira, Lawrence police officer, guilty of child rape

    Children's magician Scott Jameson slept in bed with young boys, filmed boys naked

    University Slammed for Allowing PhD Student to Document Self-Pleasure to Child P*rn

    Henry Wilson, Chelsea School Committee member, is accused of raping a 12-year-old boy inside a car after picking him up

    Judge sets bail for some in sex abuse case at New England youth center

    6 charged in NH youth detention center sex abuse probe [PDF]

    Olympic track star arraigned in Berkshire County on charges of sexually assaulting minors as a counselor in Becket [PDF]

    Olympian Conrad Mainwaring charged with sexually assaulting boys while a counselor at Camp Greylock in the 1970s

    Boston man accused of secretly filming boys in bathrooms expected to plead guilty in federal court Monday

    Video: Former Dem. State Rep Candidate caught meeting 14yr old

    UMass College Democrats allege Holyoke, Mass. Mayor Alex Morse acted inappropriately toward college students - Related report [PDF]

    Jefferson Fietek, former Emerson College assistant professor, sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexually abusing students in Minnesota

    former Emerson College assistant professor, accused of sexually abusing students in MN

    New accuser claims sexual assault under dental anesthesia

    Pittsfield man arrested by the FBI for crossing state lines for underage sex

    Ralph 'Rusty' Marino, former Stow police chief accused of arranging to meet teen boy for sex, ordered to have no contact with children younger than 18

    Stow Police Chief relieved of duties after group claims he tried to solicit teen

    The horror: Lawsuit Reveals Government Experiment That Gave Boys to Pedophiles To See If Sex Abuse Could Help Them [PDF]

    Earning trust as a 'family friend,' Paul Menard spent years luring boys to parties at his home, then he drugged and raped them

    Allen Pereira, a youth hockey coach in Massachusetts, is accused of sexually assaulting player on his team

    54-year-old man accused of filming boy changing in high school locker room during wrestling meet

    sexual grooming Woman who posed as boy to sexually assault up to 50 girls is jailed [PDF]

    Red Sox suspend clubhouse attendant after learning of sexual assault allegations [PDF]

    Pastor sentenced to over 1,000 years for sex abus

    South Carolina megachurch volunteer convicted of sexually abusing kids as young as 3

    Underage Sex Sting Led by Alabama Teenagers Ensnares a Teacher

    Joseph Defilippi of Chicopee sentenced to 11+ years in federal prison for online enticement of minor

    FBI releases new details on Orthodox school administrator's child pornography scheme

    Administrator at NY Jewish day school arrested for 'production of child pornography'

    Convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman is now receiving treatment at a Boston hospital

    Massachusetts man who posed as girl, lured almost 400 minors

    Blackburn Says "Snapchat Is A Child Predator's Dream"

    Trans activist Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv: 'I wanna have sex with girls under 18'

    Homosexual Couple Face Trial for Raping At Least 5 of Their 9 Adopted Sons

    The Silent Victims: A Hidden World Where Boys Are Trafficked
    Peabody pilot Gregory Sylvia arrested in Pennsylvania child sex sting, authorities say

    15-year-old boy sexually assaulted on Boston to Bermuda cruise

    Abused boys - 27 more possible graves discovered near Dozier School in Marianna

    Scott McDonald, a former Bellingham Middle School teacher and coach, faces 61 charges after police said he filmed students in bathrooms

    Eric Tran Thai accused of secretly filming boys in restrooms; officials say he had 45 separate recordings

    Former (homo) Mass. gymnastics instructor arrested on child pornography charges

    Typical media, missing the whole point: Article only mentions "man is 'married' to another man" in passing, suppressing the obvious connection between homosexuality, pornography and pedophilia
    Ex-Vegas headliner faints at 20-year sentence in porn case

    Another perfect example of the media or courts not revealing gender of victims when the perp is a homosexual man. In this story, the victim's age, dates and family relations are mentioned, but then this phrase, "The victim's gender was not disclosed to better protect their identity." Since it's unclear how not revealing the victim's gender protects identity, it is a common ploy to not put homosexuals in a bad light. When the perp is a heterosexual man and the victim is a female, that is almost always revealed. Often, the media knows the victim gender but deliberately hides it in their articles when it's male on male abuse. In these story we can only speculate that the perp was queer and can't know for sure until the gender of the victim is eventually revealed.
    Here, the media is quick to reveal the victims of a male perp are female. If the victims were male, most likely the gender would not be revealed "to protect them."
    Worcester man sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for child sex abuse images

    Gender of victim not revealed, so what are we to assume?
    Fall River cop arrested, accused of relationship with minor, keeping explicit photos

    Gender of victim revealed because perp is a man, victim a girl
    Mass. and RI doctor accused of molesting child, surrenders medical license
    If victim was a boy, they would have just said "child" and claim that not revealing the child's sex was for their privacy

    Read here [PDF] - Note in the article, "The defendant engaged in persistent and very offensive sexual crimes against an innocent victim who should have been enjoying childhood." Heinous acts, for sure.

    Another story where the victims' gender is not revealed. Almost certainly, the perp was a queer man, but they deliberately leave a seed of doubt - Read PDF

    And yet another story with victim gender not revealed.
    Foxborough teacher arrested by FBI, faces child exploitation charges

    And this, is the perp a homosexual man? Hard to tell, gender of victim cloaked - Head of UMass Amherst chemical engineering department to be arraigned on child exploitation charges

    See for yourself! Project Safe Childhood from the U.S. Justice Department. Dozens of stories of arrests. When the victims are female, it is clearly mentioned in the Press Releases For example (In this case, the victim was a girl, buy, if the victim was a male, the article would say he was trying to meet a 13 year old "child"). There are many of this type. However, when the victims are male and the perp is male, the victims' gender is not stated. More than likely, these cases involve homosexual men, but revealing that upsets the Homo facade of a perfect life, no problems, homosexuals are not interested in boys, etc.

    Report: Second man accused of raping the same teen boy allegedly raped by a Lawrence police officer

    Lawrence Police Officer Carlos Vieira charged with rape of a child after allegedly meeting, having sex with 13-year-old boy he met online

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    KARMA: Peers Demand CA Democrat Who Honored Stormy Daniels Step Down Amid 'Numerous' Sexual Harassment Claims

    Former youth services worker pleads guilty to sexually assaulting boy in his custody

    Former scoutmaster who admitted to raping boys in Mass. now facing charges in Conn.

    Female Ex-teacher, coach gets county prison term in sex abuse case

    Youth boxing coach indicted on child rape, indecent assault charges

    Springfield man indicted on rape, kidnapping charges

    Case Reveals Shame, Trauma of Male Sex Trafficking Victims

    67-year-old man accused of kidnapping 11-year-old boy; he and two others charged with sex offenses

    Video showed YMCA camp counselor walking around nude with alleged victim in indecent assault case

    New sex abuse allegations levied against prominent cardinal [PDF] - Related Video

    Union-Backed Substitute Teacher Who Should Have Been Fired Now Accused of Rape [P]

    Ex-athletes say Ohio State doc groped, ogled men for years

    Homosexuals, boys, dating Apps. What could possibly go wrong here?
    Portland Resistance leader avoids prison again for sex abuse of a minor
    Oh, but it's Oregon

    A notorious mansion. An alleged assault by a Hollywood producer. A suicide. What happened to Brian Claflin?

    Former Westfield schools worker charged after trying to meet teenage boy [PDF]

    Related - Pretty dresses are no longer just for women
    Deuteronomy 22:5 - A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.

    Met Opera Suspends James Levine After New Sexual Abuse Accusations

    Fashion photographer accused of touching, forcefully kissing male model

    Hollywood actors speak of 'rampant' problem of male abusers targeting men

    Media dancing around homosexual bent
    Andy Dick Fired From Movie Over Sexual Harassment Claims

    Would you expect anything less?
    Corey Feldman reveals man/boy pedophilia in Hollywood - Video

    HIV-Infected School Aide Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 42 Children

    Even homosexual writer says new 'gay' movie goes too far

    Egypt gets it right - Egypt arrests 7 for raising rainbow flag at indie rock gig

    Sally Naumann, 85 Year Old Hero, expresses her concerns for HBT Life Style Health
    Sally Naumann wins Family Advocate Award

    Viciously attacked for her concerns and beliefs
    Fearless 85-year-old says no to LGBT flag at church. Now the entire town is against her

    Video - Homosexual coffee store owner doesn't want Christian customer. Why do we not take the same legal action they do against Christian businesses? Caution, strong, offensive anti-Christian ranting:
    Angry gay owner unleashes vile attack, kicks out Christians drinking coffee in his shop

    Gay Democratic Mayor of Seattle - This is what they do ....
    Seattle's 'gay' mayor enjoyed nice run at outrunning accusers

    Seattle's 'Gay' Democratic Mayor Resigns After 5th Sexual Abuse Allegation

    LGBTQ Commission Calls for Resignation of 'Gay' Democratic Mayor of Seattle on Sex Abuse Accusations

    'Gay,' Democratic Mayor of Seattle Sued for Alleged Sexual Abuse of Boy

    Ten Things Gay Men Should Discuss with their Healthcare Provider

    Ten Things Gay Men Should Discuss with their Healthcare Provider (2nd Ver.)


    Lesbian couple - one has a baby girl via donated sperm where the man signed away any rights as a parent. The lesbians break up as "parents" so the mother can go on welfare. The State then tries to force the man to pay child support. The lesbians remain a couple, minus the legal responsibilities of a couple, (and actually support the man) to get the welfare.
    Nov. 30, 2016, 10:00 a.m.
    Kansas judge rules sperm donor does not have to pay child support
    Nov. 30, 2016, 6:00 p.m. - That didn't take long!
    The State of Kansas is trying to make a lesbian couple's sperm donor pay child support

    Sodomfrisco has turned into a sewer, the worse slums in the world

    Homosexual "professor" who wished 'someone would just shoot Trump' is fired before starting teaching [PDF]

    Paying the Price - Human ken doll has 11th operation to fix severely damaged nose after it was compared to a 'car crash' It's all downhill from here.

    How is this purposeful disfiguration different from transgender surgery?
    Clearly in need of help - Human Ken Doll films as doctors giving him CAT EYES

    Syphilis cases hit highest level since 1949 amid rise in risky sex Between - guess who

    Born that way? Woman admits her sexual orientation is a CHOICE!

    Lawsuit alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused troubled boy in 1980s

    Why Gay 'Marriage' Has Not Cured Gay Loneliness [P]

    Straight WNBA star: Lesbian culture broke my spirit

    Stefano Brizzi, Breaking Bad obsessed satanist who murdered cop he met on Grindr and dissolved him in acid is found dead

    Bucks County Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring [PDF]

    Homophobia Causes STDs and Fat-Shaming Causes Obesity (and Other Urban Myths) [P]

    George Michael's boyfriend denies any involvement in his death

    Tinder and Grindr dating apps linked to more than 500 crimes including murder, rape and child abuse

    'Gay' teacher and his 'husband' sexually abused 8 boys

    Breaking Bad-obsessed Satanist who murdered cop he met on Grindr and dissolved his body in acid is jailed for life

    Matt Walsh: Today I was traumatized by a racist, sexist, transphobic mall Santa [Video]

    Landlord Caught Having Sex In Tenants's Bed

    Grindr serial killer Stephen Port to spend the rest of his life behind bars

    Pervert Kinsey: Latest on scientist who mainstreamed pedophilia [PDF]

    Police: Ex-Con Arrested For Ramen Noodle Attack On His Boyfriend [PDF]

    Extinction of 'straight white males' applauded by Hillary surrogate Dunham

    'GRINDR MURDER' City worker Stefano Brizzi accused of Grindr murder admits episode of Breaking Bad inspired him to dissolve PC's body in acid

    Want movie to make more money? Drop 'gay' content [P]

    10 Examples of Men Abusing Target's Dangerous Policy

    LGBTQQIAAP - The Absurd Alphabet of Gender Identity [P]

    GOP platform survives 'gay' scam

    Study: Higher health risks for homosexuals

    LGBT health disparity: 'Homophobia' not the culprit

    Why Couldn't Hundreds Of Gays Defeat One Puny Islamic Terrorist In Orlando?

    Omar Mateen's alleged gay lover said Orlando shooting was motivated by rage against Puerto Rican men who rejected him

    Man Claiming to Be Orlando Shooter's Former Gay Lover Reveals Possible Motivation Behind Attack

    Gay YouTube Star Claims He Was Assaulted Near Gay Club - but Police Come to Different Conclusion

    Lesbian 'gender non-conforming' couple tries to force son to have 'queer' gender relationship

    I wish I had been told about these risks before I had gender surgery [P]

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    As in the Days of Noah:

    Isaiah 3:9
    The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom;
    they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves.

    20,000 lesbians in the desert: welcome to the Dinah, a world without men

    Someone clueless as to the meaning of "Free Speech"

    A simple search of 'homosexual men' at the International Epidemiological Association website leads to many articles, all bad news for 'gay' men

    Transgender woman says she was raped in Stonewall Inn bathroom

    Ex-LAPD Officer Mitch Grobeson Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Assault Charges
    Obsessed with his "gayness" - He Doth Protest too much

    Woman used rubber penis to pretend to be a man to lure girls into sex

    How many of these go unreported?

    lesbian impregnated with black man's sperm loses case

    Taxpayers Spend $3.5 Million to Find Out Why Lesbians Are Fat

    Speaking of which, Rosie proves that gender disorders are actually symptoms of deeper psychological problems

    Cops Arrest Woman, 57, For Battering Female Domestic Partner With Dildo

    The Father Of Seven Who Believes He's a Six-Year-Old Girl [P]

    Parents livid, homosexual site uses their kids' photos

    'Gay' rights built on deception, author reveals

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  • Homofascism (see also First Amendment Supremacy Clause):

    what is 'Homofascism'?
    Homo-Fascism is a form of extreme left-wing radicalism which attempts to establish rigid totalitarian controls over public discussions and policies addressing sexual morality, and to punish or suppress all disapproval of homosexuality and related sexual behaviors. Click here to continue reading ...

    Homo-fascism emerged as a socio-political phenomenon with the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Riot in New York City, which is today celebrated annually by the homosexual movement as "Gay Pride Day." Stonewall represented a shift in goals for the "gays" from tolerance ("the right to be left alone") to control (the complete restructuring of society with "gays" or their surrogates in all seats of power), and a shift in tactics from civil dialogue to implacable militancy.

    While traditional liberalism values the First Amendment freedoms of speech, thought and religion as the highest ideals of civilization, homo-fascists seek to criminalize any exercise of these ideals that are deemed to be a threat to "gay" culture. Present day examples of homo-fascist policies include speech codes in schools and colleges, anti-discrimination regulations in government agencies and private corporations, and de-facto anti-family censorship policies in the news media. Where pro-family speech and other activities are not yet constrained by law, homo-fascists employ bullying and other intimidation tactics to silence opponents and manipulate policy makers, all while posing as victims.

    Finished Reading

    The primary remaining barrier to homo-fascism in America is the First Amendment. However, homo-fascist ideology has crept into both the judiciary and regulatory agencies tasked with civil rights enforcement so that in recent years sexual orientation regulations (SORs) are frequently held to trump the First Amendment. Following are examples of this dangerous phenomenon:

    Homofascism: Child taken from parents
    When your son says he's a girl

    MA Bans Couple From Adopting Foster Kids Because They're Conservative Christians

    Southampton couple seeking to adopt sues state DCF, claiming bias against Catholic faith

    CA Students to Face 'Restorative Justice' After Misgendering Incident [P]

    Amherst schools to undergo LGBTQ+ trainings after discrimination accusations

    Washington To Allow Children to Be Legally Taken From Parents If They Don't Consent to Gender Transition [P]

    Maryland School District Removes Parental Right to Opt-Out of Certain Curriculum, Makes LGBTQ-Themed Books Required Reading [PDF]

    Great perspective: "I do sympathize with the confused transgender students," Alexander explained to EWTN, "because they've been wronged by their parents and by society and by the education system that has pushed this indoctrination on them. But at the same time that doesn't mean I'm going to condone their wrongful behavior, especially when it's a violation of my female peers' privacy."
    Catholic School Suspended Student Who Spoke Out Against Transgender Bathroom Policy [P]

    Canadian tribunal rules 6-year-old girl's rights not violated by radical gender ideology

    Mom Files Lawsuit After State Denies Adoption Due To Her Christian Beliefs

    Corrupt Kids and Override Parents is Fed Goal in New Title IX

    Mother Loses Custody of Daughter for Failure to 'Affirm' Trans Identity

    Pronoun Passports Are Coming

    Woman, 80, Banned from YMCA After Complaining About Trans 'Woman' in Locker Room [P]

    PayPal CEO admits 'SPLC helps us' figure out who to ban

    Twitter is homophobic - Cowards who cave to the MoGenda [PDF]

    Homophobic Twitter Denies Appeal for The Babylon Bee [P]

    Twitter is Punishing Another Account Over Rachel Levine [P]

    YouTube Deplatforms Conservative Teen Girl After Criticizing Pride Month

    Magistrate says kids do better with mom, dad - firing upheld

    A warning from Canada over who loses with 'equality'

    Sexual liberty over religious liberty? That's not 'equality'

    Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of 'Family Violence' For Calling Trans Daughter A 'She'

    Video - Dean resigns over school's opposition to Chick-fil-A 'corporate values'

    Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott

    Think Speech: That Giant Liberty-Sucking Sound From the Tolerant Left

    Christian businessman sent to federal prison for freeing child from court-imposed lesbian 'mother'

    Lesbians charge chaplain for abiding by his beliefs

    Planet Fitness bans woman for objecting to sharing locker room with 'transgender' man [PDF]

    British National Health System Dr. Fired for Using Biologically Based Gender Pronouns

    Calling someone by wrong pronoun might get you fired or expelled, college's gender policy draft says [PDF]

    Criticize 'child abuse' on Facebook, get banned for 'hate speech'

    Christian teacher booted for refusing to call girls by boys' names

    Student Kicked Out of 'Christian Theology' Class for Stating There Are Two Genders [P]

    Pastor not backing down from fight he never wanted

    Christian students' club on probation for following Christian ethics

    'Gender-expansive' school takes kids' side over parents in gender-identity disputes [P]

    Portland, Maine's New Transgender Policy Tramples on Parental Rights

    Roy Moore stands with homophobic supporters

    Georgetown Students Fail to Sanction Pro-Traditional Marriage Group

    She publicly turned from her lesbian lifestyle, so this college refused to hire her as a coach [PDF] - Watch the video interview - Source article from The Blaze

    Flashback, 2002 - Kodak fires man over 'gay' stance [P]

    Video - Homosexual coffee store owner doesn't want Christian customer. Why do we not take the same legal action they do against Christian businesses? Caution, strong, offensive anti-Christian ranting:
    Angry gay owner unleashes vile attack, kicks out Christians drinking coffee in his shop

    East Lansing Demonstrates How Not to Respond to Anti-LGBT "Christian" Businesses

    So, LGBT activists really DO want to put Christians in jail

    'ABC News has committed journalistic malpractice'

    Hate Accusers Are Getting Some Serious Pushback [P]

    Watch army ranger alum give 'babies' afraid of Chick-fil-A a lesson they will never learn in school

    'Small-town florist' warns: 'Gay' art mandate threatens 'everyone'

    Another state (Iowa) tells churches to shut up about transgenders (Video included)

    Family Bakery Bullied by Militant LGBT Mob Closes

    More LGBT rights, less religious freedom rights

    Not just bakers, florists and photogs: Now printers in same-sex war [P]

    Gov't to fire Christian for not viewing pro-LGBT video?

    Fed report: Amend laws so 'gay' rights trump faith

    Omaha schools pushing transgender politics on students

    Just As Predicted, Gay Activists and Their Allies Attack the Messengers [P]

    Transgender edict: You will be made to comply

    Macy's fires man for views on transgender in ladies' room

    No limit to impact of pro-LGBT overhaul of history

    Outrage over NBA yanking All-Star Game from Charlotte

    Christian baker takes 'compulsion of speech' case to Supremes [P]

    At issue: The right to private religious thought - | - Thought Control - Fascist Macy's

    Popular Pastor Leaves School Board Over Policy Teaching Students Safe Homosexual Sex, Abortion

    ChristianMingle Must Include Gays, Judge Rules

    Hollywood 'blacklisted' conservative actress over beliefs

    Canada's Tories usurped by LGBT infiltrators

    Mississippi governor: 'Secular' world angry over LGBT law

    Pressure unrelenting to normalize LGBT on big screen

    NYC adds 29 new gender terms to $250K fine list

    Transgender teacher wins $60,000 for being called 'she'

    NYC to fine $250K for not calling transgenders 'ze' or 'hir'

    Franklin Graham to NYC mayor: Stop bullying Chick-fil-a

    'We demand marriage equality, separate graduations!'

    Missouri State boots student over Christian belief about 'gays'

    Music teachers in Mass. schools told to integrate full LGBT agenda into their classes

    The Mental Illness of Target

    Univ. denies student degree over same-sex stance

    Fired for preaching: Georgia dumps doctor over church sermons

    At public meeting: Tenn. School Board member confronts LGBT threats -- prior to vote on "gay" club rules

    PayPalling around with Radicals

    Pro-LGBT corps. blasting NC, GA bills exposed

    Liberal College 101: Punished for defending free speech

    North Carolina starts to see economic damage from 'anti-bias' law

    PayPal moves to punish North Carolina over transgender law

    Preschooler expelled when parents object to 'gender' ed.

    Pay Attention, Christians. They're Coming After The Churches Now.

    Christians Must Unite Now Against Gay Bullies and Their Allies [P]

    ABA scolded on plan to punish attorneys for religious beliefs

    As Predicted, Here Come The Gay Bullies (Is this the Gay Gestapo?) [P]
    As reported by Pink News

    Homosexual activist groups putting on the pressure

    School's change to state nondiscrimination policy contested

    Deny God exists ... or you fail

    Catholic Archbishop in Australia faces fines, punishment over marriage pamphlet that LGBT movt claims is "insulting." Demandng "gay" diversity training in Catholic schools

    The Hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

    Thousands Petition Hospital to Reinstate Ousted Doctor, States Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

    Judge yanks foster child from lesbians' home [P]
    Judge caves to homofascist pressure, reverses decision. AP does usual rambling pro-gay article

    Teacher wrongly terminated for refusing to address a 6-year-old girl as a transgender boy

    Speak the truth about 'gay' lifestyle, lose your job

    Equality Act creates 'LGBT rights' - everywhere! br>
    AFA's Anti-Christian Bigotry Map

    Media hush-hush - unless it's pro-LBGT side

    Knee-Jerk Retraction on Military Study

    Comic shows deeper issues:

    10 Reasons to Oppose "same-sex marriage" -- Young Americans are not about to allow the sacred institution of marriage to be thrown under the bus by the homosexual movement
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