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Uxbridge Using Genderbread Person To Teach 13-Year-Olds
That There Are Infinite Genders

Gender exists on a spectrum, and there are more than two genders, a curriculum at Uxbridge High School says.

The 8th-grade health curriculum at Uxbridge High School uses the genderbread person to teach this claim as fact, instead of the common understanding that there are two sexes,  male and female, with typical gender expressions of each sex.

Eighth-graders are usually 13 or 14 years old.

The school is in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, a town in southern Worcester County. It serves a combined 582 students from Grades 8 through 12, according to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

NewBostonPost and the Massachusetts Family Institute got the Uxbridge District sex-ed curriculum through public records requests.

The genderbread person graphic claims gender identity exists on a spectrum. It also tells students they can pick their gender and refers to biological sex as a person’s “sex assigned at birth.”

The graphic’s artist, Sam Killermann, explains the purpose of the genderbread person online at Killermann says that the genderbread person exists to show people there aren’t merely two genders, but an infinite number. 

“The schema used here to map out gender (the ‘-ness’ model) allows individuals to plot where they identify along both continua to represent varying degrees of alignment with the traditional binary elements of each aspect of gender, resulting in infinite possibilities of ‘gender’ for a person,” Killermann wrote.

Uxbridge is not the only school district in Massachusetts that uses the genderbread person in its sex-ed curriculum. Additionally, Mansfield High School uses it to teach its freshmen and juniors, Hanover Middle School teaches it to its seventh-grade students, and Chelmsford teaches it to sixth-graders.

Mary Ellen Siegler of the Massachusetts Family Institute told NewBostonPost that the graphic denies biological reality.

“The genderbread person graphic teaches children that their gender is not determined by their biological sex, but by their subjective feelings,” Siegler said by email. “This lesson is not based on science and confuses children about their identity which sets some students on the path to irreversible transgender treatments, causing permanent damage to their young bodies. No child is born in the wrong body. Schools must stop victimizing children. Parents must collectively demand these lessons no longer be taught in school.”

Uxbridge Public Schools superintendent Barbara Emerick could not be reached for comment on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

The genderbread person is uncopyrighted and is free for school districts to use. Here is what it looks like:

Story source: New Boston Post

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